GG5K Proves Tough Nut to Crack

How hard could it be?

Well, as it turns out – pretty damn hard.┬áThe 2017 Growlers Gulch 5,000 left 26 bikers broken and humbled. Cue the music. It’s very appropriate.

I had a pretty good inkling it was going to be ugly when strong, seasoned riders like Andy Crump, Jeff Wize, and Ben Milstein talked about the difficulty level after riding practice laps. And with the course being longer – thanks to Crump – it was the perfect scenario for those with masochistic tendencies. Nearly everyone who participated in 2016 saw their times soar by 45 minutes, an hour, or more.

As one-time GGR Jason Moon used to say in reference to any ride, wreck, or happenstance that resulted in pain, “It’ll make you a better rider.” If that’s the case, we should all be a hell of a lot better after completing the 2017 5K.

It wasn’t the largest field we’ve had, but – top to bottom – it was the strongest. And it’s a good thing because this was the most grueling 5K on record.

Performance of the day goes to Vincent Deluchio who ran the 26.5-mile course and took just 6:01 to do so. A gold star also to 71-year-old Steve Luther, who completed the ride in 6:59.

For the second year in a row, Scott Bradway had the fastest time (3:37). In 2016, Bradway set the event record (2:54). The difference in his times tells you how much more difficult this year’s 5K was.

Bradway was followed by Allen Legoburu (3:41) Dave Bisers (3:51). They were the only riders to crack the four-hour mark.

Check this cool Strava ride view from Adam Faren.

  • Dave Bisers – 3:51
  • Scott Bradway – 3:37
  • Al Cabrerra – 5:39
  • Jason Clifford -5:44
  • Jason Crago – 4:48
  • Andy Crump – 5:39
  • Vincent Delucchio (runner) – 6:01
  • Ted Dodd – 5:08
  • Jeanine Fallacara – 7:24
  • Adam Faren – 4:55
  • Lizzy Fitch – 7:33
  • Nathan Frechen – One lap
  • Dave Haas – 5:08
  • Andrew Holder – 4:34
  • Michael Inbody – 5:17
  • Jon Jennings – 4:14
  • Allen Legorburu – 3:41
  • D. LeMonds – One lap
  • J. LeMonds – 5:47
  • Steve Luther – 6:59
  • Kim McCormack – 7:24
  • Ben Milstein – 6:00
  • Braden Nicholson – 4:16
  • Mike Packer – 6:07
  • Russ Speirn – One lap
  • Kevin Templeton – 4:00
  • Jeff Wize – 5:39


6 thoughts on “GG5K Proves Tough Nut to Crack”

  1. Hello Guys, Thank you very much for the info. Although, I think I finished in 4:07 minutes. Therefore, Dave Bisers 2nd and Kevin Templeton 3rd.

    It was very fun, though. Looking forward to Scout Lake!!!

    Once again, thank you very much to all the organizers. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Wow! That Relive of the ride by Adam Faren was awesome. What a great graphic. Looks like he took a wrong turn at the beginning and did just a few hundred more feet of climbing.

  3. Super fun event as always…thanks Jeep! Looking forward to next year, but I think we can add a few miles…just for the hell of it!

  4. That was an awesome day of fun! Wish I could have stayed longer to share the after pain beer with everyone. Yes Kelley Hinkle I think I went up A Bomb for a bit until realized it couldn’t be right (haha). That was before I saw how great everything was marked! Great job to Jeep and the crew for marking things out so well! Thanks again, that was great event!

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