20th Annual Tour de Gulch – June 17th!

Hard to believe this will be the 20th consecutive Tour de Gulch. It might not seem like a big deal, but the TDG in 1998 was the first time area mountain bikers got together for a ride and party to celebrate the joy of the sport.

In the earliest days, we rode gravel because there was not trail. Much has changed in 20 years, but one thing remains the same – the great camaraderie and incredible vibe we have always shared.

TDG XX will feature guided rides, with each participant having the option of choosing a difficulty level and even a ride guide, some of whom are even semi-competent. We’ll be out for about four hours enjoying that great Growlers single-track before returning to my house for the annual party and potluck.

If you’ve been to the Tour de Gulch, you know what a great time it is. If you haven’t attended one, here’s your chance.

Who’s in?

  1. George Barnett
  2. Jack Berry
  3. Lance Brigman
  4. Al Cabrera
  5. Michael Choate
  6. Travis Cothren
  7. Andy Crump
  8. Vincent Deluchio
  9. Barry DeSemple***
  10. Dave Dreher (SO)
  11. Paige Edwards
  12. Todd Edwards
  13. Jeanine Fallacara***
  14. Isaac Fitch
  15. Lethon Fitch
  16. Lizzy Fitch
  17. Kelly Flood
  18. Suzie Griffin
  19. Tana Gutzka
  20. Dave Haas
  21. Carter Hanley
  22. Cameron Hanley
  23. Kelley Hinkle***
  24. Bob Horness***
  25. Kalin Horness
  26. Andy Jansky
  27. Jon Jennings
  28. Cammia Kalimanis
  29. Sam Kalimanis
  30. Tim Kalimanis
  31. Daryl Kent
  32. Nic Khajevi
  33. Rob Larsen
  34. D. LeMonds***
  35. J. LeMonds***
  36. Mel Lewis
  37. Jeff Lipton
  38. Steve Luther
  39. Richard Marantz
  40. Susan Martin
  41. Vaughn Martin
  42. Ben McCormack
  43. Kim McCormack***
  44. Tim McCormick
  45. Braden Nicholsen
  46. Wayne Nussbaum
  47. Juntu Oberg
  48. Shane Oberg
  49. Scott Philbrook
  50. Nick Raheem
  51. Sam Raheem
  52. Gabrielle Roth
  53. Lori Sills
  54. April Silva
  55. Sterling Sobczak
  56. Mike Sobolewski
  57. Russ Speirn
  58. Nancy Stone
  59. Joe Van Leuven
  60. Ben Tai
  61. Herb Tai
  62. Jeff Wize
  63. Yael Zbar
  64. George Yumul

29 thoughts on “20th Annual Tour de Gulch – June 17th!”

  1. Please add me to the list. Will need details — exact meeting place, address for afterwards, etc. Thx!

  2. I would like to go, first time at Growlers. I have no idea which is the slow group, I’m honestly not that young, fast or in shape but can handle my bike.

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