MTBO at Growlers Is On!

It promises to be a wild and crazy event.

Abra McNair and Sue Grandjean, members of the U.S. National Mountain Bike Orienteering Team, are hosting an MTBO event at Growlers on Sunday, June 11th.

Think about it – you, your bike, a map, and a lot of trail. What could go wrong? If you love adventure, this is right up your alley.

Pre-registration is required, but experience is not. Abra and Sue will provide tutorials before sending you out.

Basics and pre-reg info here.

5 thoughts on “MTBO at Growlers Is On!”

  1. Hey All! Our MTBO event is right around the corner. We’ll be sticking on the lower trails… unless of course you get lost 🙂
    Don’t forget to sign up on the link Jim provided – we need to know how many are coming so we can print enough maps!

  2. Hi Chris! This is amazing, three more people! If you can, will you sign everyone up via this link –
    so we can have everyone registering in one place? If this link doesn’t work, it’s in the main body.
    Thanks, looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday!

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