Coldwater Crew Assignments

What to Wear: Long pants – no shorts. No flip-flops or sandals. Wear a hard hat or biking helmet. Eye protection needed – can be sunglasses. Gloves required.

If you are on crews 4-9, be aware that there is a tricky water crossing at 2.1. Stay toward the top. It’s worth it to get your feet wet. Be sure your entire crew gets across safely. Don’t try to cross it lower. The stone is flat, but it’s very slick.

Tools: Hand saw and/or long-handled loppers and a rake or dirt tool.

Crew Breakdown:

Crew #1 – Andy Jansky, Rutherford Brakke-Pound, Gracen Brakke-Pound, Rowen Brakke-Pound, Stephanie LaMonica, Sam Elder, April Silva, Chris Negri, Pam Negri, Makayla Negri, Hannah Negri: Work from the boat launch out and back. Two places need benching (white ribbon hung there), but they aren’t very long. The rest is trimming. Not a huge amount of stuff grown over the line. Should go quickly. You will have some kids with you, so take that into account. Andy runs the NWTA weedeater.

Crew #2 – Barry DeSemple, Ryan DeSemple, Mike Norkitis, Annaelise Norkitis, Arellen Norkitis, Jameson Watts and son, Joe Hamilton, Steve Luther: Ride to tool drop at 1.17. Work back west toward Andy. Tread is good and it should be easy-going. Barry runs Dave’s plastic-bladed weedeater.

Crew #3 – Vincent Deluchio, Chuck Scarpelli, Carole Wiles, Ken Bonn, Kevin Knorr: Ride to tool drop at 1.17. Work east toward Crew #4. There is a pipe exposed at 1.48. It needs to be cleaned out. Not a huge amount of overgrowth. It should go pretty quickly. Route water directly across the trail at 1.80 and 1.95 if you get there first. Vincent runs his own weedeater.

Crew #4 – Andy Crump, Marc Steingrebe, Susan Fleener, Bridget Hildreth, Cathy Crouch: Ride to tool drop at 2.67. Work west toward Vincent. It will be easy going but a metal-bladed weedeater will solve some problems. About 50 yards of benching is needed at 2.15, just past the water crossing (white ribbon here) so make sure you have some dirt tools. Some water. Just route it directly across the trail. Andy runs the NWTA weedeater.

Crew #5 – J. LeMonds, Ed Knight, Sascha Knight, Sean Corey, Travis Cothren, James Varieur: Ride to the rock delta at 3.44. Work west toward the 2.67 marker where Andy’s crew started. Rearrange rocks at water crossing at 3.24; about 20 feet of benching is needed here. Some benching at 3.21. Rearrange rocks at water crossing at 3.08.

Crew #6 – Kelley Hinkle, Shane Oberg, Steve George: Get tools at the rock delta at 3.44. Total clean-up of the line and the water crossing.

Crew #7 – Bob Horness, Russ Speirn, Richard Marantz, Joe Van Leuven, Mark Fisher, KC Butler: Get tools at the rock delta at 3.44. Work east until you run into Crew 8. Trail is badly rutted at 3.91 (white ribbon is hung there). Best bet is to clear the brush on the right (lake side) and just move the trail over. There is some Arctic willow on this section but it should go quickly. Bob runs his own weedeater.

Crew #8 – Kim McCormack, Brian Butler, Mike Deal, Chase Lickliter, Mitch Jacky: Get tools at the rock delta at 3.44. You will need to pack your tools out to the four orange ribbons at 4.17. Work back west until you run into Bob’s crew. It’s possible you might get to the reroute (see above in the Crew #7 description) first. ***Kim – If you prefer, your guys can join Bob’s crew after picking up tools at the rock delta and work east to the four orange ribbons at 4.17 as one big ass-kicking group. Brian Butler has a brush-cutter and will run it.

Crew #9 – Nathan Frechen, Noah Briller, Tyler Armstrong, Scott Matetich, Thad Harlow: Get tools at the rock delta. Drop your bikes and head east until you see four orange ribbons (lake access trail on the right) at 4.17. Continue working east until you reach the bridge (intersection of the 211 and 230). I’m giving you some studs so you guys will be able to move pretty quickly. Expect quite a bit of Arctic willow in this area. Nathan has a brush-cutter and will run it.

Crew #10 – Lizzy Fitch, Clint Fitch, Lethon Fitch, Isaac Fitch: Work from the 230A trailhead up until you hit Crew #11. Very easy-going for the most part. Lizzy and Clint have a brush-cutter.

Crew #11 – Lee Lemmon, Gabrielle Roth, Scott Philbrook, Morgan Philbrook, Liz Philbrook Jesse Philbrook: Work from the midway point of the 230A climb back down until you hit Crew 10. Trail is badly rutted at .75. Do what you can. Also need to route water off the line in several places. South side of the ridge is in good shape. Expect overgrowth on the north side. Right now, I don’t have a weedeater for this group.

***Lee, Dave, and Andrew: I can’t remember if I hung an orange ribbon at the halfway point. It would be at about .9. Once you get to that badly rutted section at .75 (see above), just go a little ways beyond that. If you don’t see the orange ribbon, just call it good.

Crew #12 – D. LeMonds, Jeff Lipton, Sam Thometz, Sterling Sobczak, Gabe Sobczak: Work from the midway point of the 230A up until you reach the equipment. South side section is good but the north side will have plenty of Arctic willow. You’ll see a white ribbon at 1.6. About 30 yards of benching needed here. Dave runs Vaughn’s weedeater.

Crew #13 – Andrew Holder, Braden Nicholsen, Dmitriy Zasyatkin: Haul tools to the midway point for crews 11 and 12. Ride to the equipment at 1.82 and continue east. Significant snow begins at 2.35. Cut back all the Arctic willow you can reach. Expect the snow to get really deep as you get farther out and around the corner in the lee of the ridge. Everyone on this crew needs to have a handsaw or long-handled loppers. If it gets to the point where everything is under snow and you can’t cut anything, just head back and help the other crews.

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