Coldwater Crew Kills It

Nearly 70 people were on hand for the work party at Coldwater Lake on June 3. We had some no-shows, which put a little pressure on everyone, but that just caused the entire crew to work at a higher level.

It was a little socked in during the early hours, but the temp was perfect for trail work. Things warmed up considerably for the party.

We successfully cleaned the entire five miles of the 211 and did a ton of dirt work and water mitigation. The results were much the same on the 230A, with the first 1.8 miles from the trailhead to the equipment now in great shape. A small crew pushed east from the top and began cutting out the alder and Arctic willow.

The amount of work that we can get done in just four hours is amazing! Thanks to everyone who attended.

So Many Shout-outs – Juntu Oberg was a rock star. She not only managed the tool coordination, but she also took care of the set-up for the party . . . Lizzy Fitch told me she was bringing 17 dozen cookies. What she didn’t say was that she was making them! And they were fantastic . . . Vaughn Martin was injured and unable to serve as our #1 crew chief. Instead, he handled check-in and then, because he couldn’t help himself, hiked up to give instruction to the crews on the 230A (They needed it) . . . Nathan Frechen scored a keg of Base Camp beer for us at cost. On top of that, he did a great job as a crew chief on one of the toughest sections of the 211 . . . Fabulous crew chiefs are always the most important ingredient. No one can touch ours: Andy Jansky, Barry DeSemple, Vincent Deluchio, Andy Crump (questionable: see below), Kelley Hinkle, Kim McCormack, Bob Horness, Nathan Frechen, Dave LeMonds, Lizzy Fitch, Lee Lemmon, and Andrew Holder . . . An additional shout-out to Andrew who pulled a trailer-bob up the 230A. Ever been up there? It’s a vicious climb even when you’re not pulling 90 pounds of tools . . . Thanks to Fort George Brewing, Hopworks Urban Brewery, and Beacon Hill Rehab for their donations . . . Thanks also to NWTA and the USFS for their support of this event. They even mowed the camping area for us!

Poor Performance of the Day – Andy Crump had Susan Fleenor and Cathy Crouch on his crew. They were sterling. It was Crump who was the problem. Either his weedeater would not start or he was trying to minimize his carbon footprint because his section looked like a jungle even after he said he’d worked on it for three hours.

Kid Crew – Great shot below of Andy Jansky’s kid crew. They did some incredible dirt work.

5 thoughts on “Coldwater Crew Kills It”

  1. Me and my kiddo had a fantastic weekend on our first trail-build/maintenance NWTA event! The child says he wants to come every year now, and then some! That’s fine with me. Thanks to all of you who made us feel welcome – we look forward to seeing you again – stephanie and sam

  2. Our family came out to give a hand, two of us had worked at Stubb Stewart but the other two of them didn’t know what to expect. Luckily we had a very experienced leader in Lee Lemmon who provided guidance. We sure all got exercise going up that 1000′ climb with bikes and tools! I also had a bit of string trimmer issue with the string head coming loose, but managed to get it working. We met a lot of great friendly folks and the family was talking about “next time” on the way home. I have a small accounting company and would like to sponsor some food for one of these events in the area around Portland, glad to get on this email list yesterday so I can get updates.

  3. Hey Jeep~Thanks for all your organization over the past weekend! I saw a video someone had created of the 230A descent on Sunday – but can’t find it now – do you know who posted that?

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