TDG Details and Ride Groups

If you have questions, let me know.

Basics –

  • Directions: Mapquest 465 Growlers Gulch, Castle Rock. Driveway on the left. Mailbox on the right. Coming from the south: Take Exit 48. Go left at the end of the ramp. Continue into CR until you reach a three-way stop. Go left onto A Street. Continue until you reach a four-way stop. Go straight through the intersection. Continue for about a mile or so. Growlers Gulch Road is on the left. Climb up the hill for a ways to get to my house.
  • Start-time is 9 a.m. Be at my house by 8:45. In some instances, people may park at the top and meet their group there. If this is your plan, make sure your ride guide knows about it in advance.
  • Parking is available at my house and along the spur road about 75 yards beyond my driveway.
  • Bring a lawn chair, food and fuel for the ride, bug spray, sunscreen, whatever.
  • We’ll have brats, buns, condiments, baked beans, fruit salad, and more. However, if you can add something to the table, that would be appreciated.
  • Plan on being back at about 1. If you’re in Jeanine’s group, plan on something slightly longer if she gets lost.

Ride Groups –

Uncle D and the Young Guns – Yes, Dave is back to see if he can hold off the kids one more time. Dave LeMonds, Carter Hanley, Ben Tai, Nick Khajavei, Brad Crowe, Paige Edwards, Todd Edwards. Contact:

K-Mac and the Hammers – Kim McCormack will be leading the speedy group. Expect to cover some ground and to do so at a snappy pace. And keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t get routed onto the Oregon Timber Trail. Kim McCormack, Ben McCormack, Jon Jennings, Al Cabrera, Mel Lewis, Braden Nicholsen, Sterling Sobczak. Contact: 

Grandson Mania – For the third consecutive year, I will be riding with my three younger grandsons. Each year, we move up a little higher in the system. Some carnage expected. Jim LeMonds, Cameron Hanley, Sam Raheem, Nick Raheem, Lethon Fitch, Lance Brigman, Sam Kalimanis, Tim Kalmanis

Uncle Fatty and the Gray Beards – Kelley knows Growlers. By the end of the day, you might know it a little better too. Kelley Hinkle, Richard Marantz, Russ Speirn, Andy Jansky, Mike Sobolewski. Contact:

Don’t Let Lipton Lead – This is as old-school as old-school gets. These guys have been riding at Growlers for more than 20 years. Lipton still can’t find his way around. Jack Berry, Rob Larsen, Jeff Lipton, Wayne Nussbaum.

JOGR – Juntu and Gabrielle will lead. No need to think. Just follow. They will treat you right. Juntu Oberg, Gabrielle Roth, Nancy Stone, Suzie Griffin, Yael Zbar, Kelly Flood, Tana Gutzka, April Silva, Cammia Kalimanis. Contact: 

Rockin’ Bob and the Endos – Last year, Bob broke his bike at the TDG. He has vowed to dial it back this time. Don’t count on it. Bob Horness, Andy Crump, Susan Martin, Joe Van Leuven, Dave Haas, Jeff Wize, Michael Choate. Contact:

Wrong-Way Fallacara and the Lost Bunch – Bring your compass and twice as much food and fluid as you would normally carry. It might be a while before you get back. Jeanine Fallacara, Lori Sills, Herb Tai, Steve Luther, Vincent Deluchio, Daryl Kent. Contact: 

Believe in Barry – It’s difficult, but you can do it if you put your mind to it. Barry plans to take it easy going uphill and bomb going down. Dial your suspension. Barry DeSemple, Travis Cothren, Tim McCormick, Shane Oberg, Dave Dreher, Scott Philbrook. George Yumul. Contact:

Curious George Comes to Growlers – George gets around. He knows Stella, Scout Lake, and Growlers like the back of his head. Full-on fun for this group. George Barnett, Kalin Horness, Isaac Fitch, Lizzy Fitch. Contact: 

5 thoughts on “TDG Details and Ride Groups”

  1. Great names for the biker gangs! I’ll bring Kettle chips assorted flavors. Thanks for organizing such a great celebration of two wheeled adventure.

  2. I’m afraid to ask what JOGR stands for….. but anyway: Looks good, thanks!! Are people coordinating car pools? I live in Tigard/SW/LO….. (Kelly, JOGR group)…

  3. Super stoked for this! I live on Rosa Parks close to I-5 and have room for 4 more peeps and bikes if anyone wants to carpool.

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