MTBO Puts Smiles on Faces

A huge shout-out to Abra McNair and Sue Grandjean for hosting the first-ever mountain bike orienteering event at Growlers. Twenty-six people came out and had a great time.

Check this report from Abra:

Knowledge of the trails proved to be an advantage, as Travis Cothren and Kelley Hinkle both took second place in their age groups (Kelley even wore glasses for the map reading), and Vincent DeLuccio nabbed first place in his. We also had a solid crew of Christy Mueller, Chris Evenson, Yael Zbar, and Tom Eilertsen take on the event as a foursome. But none of the everyday Growlers riders could shake a stick at the day’s overall winner, Tim Goodall, who cleared the course so quickly we barely had the finish set up.

Overall, it seemed like everyone had a great time, and newbies thought the riding at Growlers was primo (with the exception of those who chose the route/death march along the power lines).
Some great quotes from the day were, “This is my new favorite sport” . . . “I rode all the downhill trails in the wrong direction,” and something about how sneaky it was to even include the hunting trails on the map. 
Suzie Griffin was a champion volunteer helping out with a chaotic start area and wrestling with pop-up tents. Vincent helped out with registration, took photos, and chatted up the newbies about all the great trails. We were super happy to have them out there with us — there’s no way we could have done it alone!
Thanks to Abra for the pics.

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  1. Sue and Abra did a wonderful job organizing and managing the event. It was like clockwork! Thank you so much!

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