TDGXX Rocks Growlers

More than 60 riders came out on Saturday to celebrate the 20th Tour de Gulch and to commemorate Vaughn Martin’s 80th birthday.

There was some carnage. Travis Cothren tried to break himself and his bike but was only partially successful . . . Allen Legoburu attempted to RUN with Kim’s group but rolled his ankle badly. This proved to be a blessing for about half the people on the hammer crew because they quickly volunteered to abandon the group and help Allen back to the blue gate . . . My #3 grandson, Sam, tried to get air off that cut-down stump near the bottom of Creation. This ended badly. He blamed himself for not getting his front end up . . . Scott Philbrook came out for his first TDG. He commented at the after-party that – compared to other systems – Growlers seems like a difficult place to ride. He was limping but could still walk . . . Cool that he was able to It might seem like a minor item, but Jeanine’s group was only about 30 minutes late this year. Apparently, she decided against taking them to Ryderwood . . . We had eight kid riders this year, and all of them did a fantastic job . . . This was the first TDG for Nancy Stone, Suzie Griffin, Lizzy Fitch, Lethon Fitch, Isaac Fitch, Sam Kalimanis, Kelly Flood, Lori Sills, Mel Lewis, Steve Luther, Scott Philbrook, and Travis Cothren . . . Very cool to have so many of the long-time GGRs, including Jack Berry, Susan Martin, Rob Larsen, Bob Horness, and Lance Brigman, out for this year’s event . . . This was TDG twenty for Jeff Lipton and myself.

Thanks to: Diane, Carley, Kristy, Haleigh, Hope, Sher, Chels, Kim, and Kami for all their work in setting things up . . . Tana for baking and decorating Vaughn’s cake and to Susan for picking up the unique Memory Foam bike seat . . . Our incredible ride guides – Jeanine Fallacara, Dave LeMonds, Kelley Hinkle, Rob Larsen, Gabrielle Roth, Juntu Oberg, Barry de Semple, Bob Horness, George Barnett, and Kim McCormack . . . Everyone who brought food to add to the table . . . Al Cabrera for donating five gallons of his home-brewed IPA.

Who knows? We might do it again next year.


4 thoughts on “TDGXX Rocks Growlers”

  1. Thanks for mention, LOL. What a hoot those trails are, and I didn’t see all of them. Hey I was misquoted, what I was saying not that the trails were more technical, but that they had a lot more unrelenting climbing than I was prepared for – being new to the area.
    Yes, I did crash but it wasn’t because the trail was too tough…Was on a easy nearly straight downhill pitch after some of the tougher sections…where I guess my concentration lapsed and got a few inches off line and front wheel hooked hard in soft stuff. The bad part is right where I landed the trail went from steep to flat so I hit pretty hard…have a black and blue hip now but its getting better!
    Great fun just need to train for those uphills!

  2. So much fun. Thanks to everyone involved especially The LeMonds family. This event feels like the show Cheers but for mountain bikers.

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