KBAL – A Growlers Epic

Looking for a big ride without driving to the mountain? Kelley Hinkle has just the thing for you – Kelley’s Big-Ass Loop, AKA KBAL.

Hinkle may appear to be a cuddly, Santa-like person. Check the ride route he has designed and you will understand why we call him the White-Bearded Satan.

I did a portion of this recently and it was 14 miles. Guessing the entire enchilada would be over 20 with about 3,000 feet of climbing. Just reading the description makes me cramp.

  • Predator
  • Cousin Eddy
  • Cross the road and climb Beauty
  • Shooter to Trail of Tears; bear right
  • Frosty Balls
  • BAP
  • Jeep Trail
  • Creek Trail
  • Without a Paddle and Double-Over (right on gravel)
  • Creation
  • Alder spur road
  • Legacy (climb it clockwise)
  • Trust Me
  • ABV
  • Co-pay
  • Hawg
  • Watershed and out

How hard could it be?

One thought on “KBAL – A Growlers Epic”

  1. I have plans to run this August 29th so anyone is welcome to join. I would begin around 7am.

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