SHIFT Work Party Assignments

Safety: Wear work shoes if possible. No sandals or flip-flops. All machine operators must have eye protection. Long pants. Long-sleeved shirts. No shorts. Bring good gloves. Think about bug spray.

Start-Time: All crews will be meet at Marble Mountain for a safety meeting at 9 a.m. The only exception is the Sheep Canyon crew. They will either (a) leave from Marble with Ed Knight at 8 a.m. or (b) drive directly to Blue Lake and arrive no later than 8:30

Tools: Best choices are long-handled loppers, handsaws, rakes, and a dirt tool

Questions and Additional Info: Contact your crew chief at the email address below.

Sheep Canyon (You will be crossing a creek and riding uphill for 3.5 miles to get to the work site; strap it on. Nathan suggests bringing extra shoes and socks to change into for the work party if you don’t like working in wet shoes and socks.)
-Nathan Frechen:
-Forest Wilson
-Jon Jennings
-Andrew Holder
-Scooter Sutterer
-Britton Gentry
-Braden Nicholson
-Ed Knight:
-Sascha Knight
-Adam Graf
-Bill Larson
-Missy Larson

Kalama Ski Trail toward Red Rock (loppers, dirt tools, handsaws, rakes)
-Dave LeMonds:
-Jeff Lipton
-Gabrielle Roth
-Lee Lemmon
-Nancy Stone
-Vincent Deluchio
-Justin Rubaloff
-Mark Ososke
-Mitchell Ososke

Kalama Ski Trail up from bottom starting at Cougar Sno-Park (loppers, dirt tools, handsaws, rakes)
Ben McCormack:
-Kim McCormack
-Jeanine Fallacara
-Mike Deal
-Teresa Krebs
-Bob Horness
-Robert Sanders
-Daveed Fleischer
-Ryan O’Neal
-Bill Hasenjaeger +1

Kalama Ski Trail down from top where it intersects with the sno-mobile road ((loppers, dirt tools, handsaws, rakes)
-Jim LeMonds:
-Clint Fitch
-Lizzy Fitch
-Lethon Fitch
-Isaac Fitch
-Dave Schuler +1
-Bridget Hildreth
-Katie Heard

Kalama Ski Trail from entry-point up (loppers, dirt tools, handsaws, rakes)
-Vaughn Martin:
-Lance Brigman
-Shane Oberg
-Juntu Oberg
-Cathy Crouch
-Rex Hadley
-George Yumul

Kalama Ski Trail from Red Rock toward Dave’s crew
-Kelley Hinkle
-Joe Van Leuven
-Richard Marantz
-Jamie Yoder
-David Long
-Bill Willems
-Barry DeSemple

Pine Marten to June Lake Road (loppers, dirt tools, handsaws, rakes)
-Andy Jansky:
-Liam Gentry
-Jason Eden +3
-Stephanie +2
-Chelsea Morris

Pine Martin from June Lake Road to the intersection with the Sasquatch Trail ((loppers, handsaws, rakes)
-Tim Kalimanis:
-Gavin Kalimanis
-Sam Kalimanis
-Ron Zito +2
-Vincent Rodarte +3

Fir Ski Trail, just off the Swift Trail, which comes into Marble Mountain (loppers, dirt tools, handsaws, rakes)
-Andy Crump:
-Jeff Wize
-Jill Masters
-Rita Webb +1
-Joseph Hoffman

Marble Loop
-Kevin Knorr:
-Wayne Nussbaum +1
-David Schuldt

Smith Creek
-Jerry DeRuyter
-Andrea DeRuyter


2 thoughts on “SHIFT Work Party Assignments”

  1. Hi, Jim
    This is Daveed, I plan to arrive Saturday morning at 8am, ready to do some trail work. I can help anywhere you need except probably Sheep Canyon. I also volunteered to help with the Saturday night dinner.
    Cheers, Daveed

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