2017 SHIFT Produces Big Results

Thanks to Bill Larson and Cyclepath PDX for their continued, generous support of the mountain biking community. Thanks to Charlie and Tara Biggs for prepping the great meals. To Sharon Steriti and the U.S. Forest Service for bringing tools and coordinating with us. To Andy Crump, Andy Jansky, and NWTA for all of their hard work.

Thanks to our fantastic crew chiefs – Kelley Hinkle, Dave LeMonds, Bob Horness, Nathan Frechen, Ben McCormack, Tim Kalimanis, Andy Crump, Vaughn Martin, Jerry de Ruyter, Andy Janksy, and Kevin Knorr – for their leadership and hard work, in addition to their patience in dealing with all of my emails. Many of these same people served as ride guides on Friday and Sunday; I’ve heard from a number of riders who really appreciated their kindness and support. A special shout-out to Vaughn who spent three days doing recon for the work party. We would be lost without him.

Results from Saturday’s work party –

  • Upper Kalama Ski Trail – It can now be ridden from Red Rock all the way to the Cougar Sno-Park. Dave and Kelley’s crew did touch-up on that first section that heads east from Red Rock. The work we did last year held up well. The biggest problem was bear grass.

  • Lower Kalama Ski Trail – It was a nightmare but we got it opened. Huckleberry was 10 feet tall and thick in places. We had multiple problems: (1) my weedeater quit working at 11:30; (2) all our crews had no-shows; (3) we didn’t plan well enough; I should have kept Kelley’s crew on that lower line. Huckleberry grows back slowly, so our effort should make a big difference. Also, Ben and Bridget were able to cut out a number of big trees for us.

  • Marble Loop – This is the one-mile loop across the 83 road from the sno-park. Kevin’s guys had a pretty short list and were able to take care of everything.

  • Pine Marten – Again, the work we did last year held up well. Andy Jansky and Tim Kalimanis’ crews – despite trying to deal with a ridiculous number of no-shows – was able to buff things out all the way to the intersection with the Sasquatch Trail.

  • Fir Ski Trail – This is a short connector trail just north of the sno-park. Andy Crump’s crew took down the huckleberry on this line.

  • Toutle Trail – Nathan’s crew was under duress from the get-go. They were down one metal-bladed weedeater and several crew members. Despite that, they were able to clear much of the Toutle Trail all the way from the bridge to the intersection with the Loowit at the south fork of the Toutle River. Nathan says that section will not need to be brushed for 3-4 years.

  • Smith Creek – Jerry, Andrea, Justin, and Jamie did big work all the way to the pumice hill on the north end.


4 thoughts on “2017 SHIFT Produces Big Results”

  1. Jeep – thanks for all of your work party organization to get us all straight so we can accomplish a lot of work. We would not be able to do all of this work accomplished without it.

  2. Jeep – good times this weekend and hopefully next year we can plan to be there earlier on Friday for the ride as well as Sunday 🙂

    Was nice to see some new trail sections on Nathan’s section.

  3. Nice work guys! Jeep, thanks for the update and I should be back next year. Way to go Crumpster!

  4. Another successful SHIFT. Thank you Jeep for all the timely posts and organization and to Andy and Andy for the onsite coordination and presentations. I can’t believe how awesome the dinner was, incredible menu for out in the woods, thank you Charlie and team. So nice seeing all our biking friends and making new ones. Looking forward to next year.

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