Bike Park Volunteers

Thanks in advance to all of you for volunteering. I will have all the information you need when you arrive at the bike park on Saturday, September 16th.

If possible, bring your bike and ride for a bit before things get underway. It always gets the vibe going when kids see adults out there sessioning the park. Besides, I’ve seen you guys ride. You could use the work.

The helmet and bike safety stations will open at 9:30. All other stations – these are the ones you will be manning – will open at 10. If you get there at 9, 9:15, or even 9:30, you’ll have a chance to session the park.

We will have helmet stickers for each station. Kids who ride your station get a sticker. Lunch will be provided by North County Recreation Association. You will almost certainly have a partner working the stations with you. Make sure one of you is on duty at all times.

Best guess is that we will be done at about 1 or 1:30.

  1. George Barnett
  2. Jack Berry
  3. Vincent Deluchio
  4. Andrea de Ruyter
  5. Jerry de Ruyter
  6. Tom Eilertsen
  7. Chris Evenson
  8. Jeanine Fallacara
  9. Sue Grandjean
  10. Suzie Griffin
  11. Tana Gutzka
  12. Kim Hanley
  13. Cammia Kalimanis
  14. Tim Kalimanis
  15. Darryl Kent
  16. Nick Khajavei
  17. Ed Knight
  18. Kevin Knorr
  19. Bryana Kowalski
  20. John Kowalski
  21. Laurie Larsen
  22. Rob Larsen
  23. D. LeMonds
  24. Diane LeMonds
  25. J. LeMonds
  26. Sherry LeMonds
  27. Jeff Lipton
  28. Tim McCormick
  29. Chris McGraw (LS)
  30. Susan Martin
  31. Ben Milstein
  32. Braden Nicholsen
  33. Lori Sills
  34. April Silva
  35. Nancy Stone
  36. Herb Tai
  37. Randy Toney

Info Station – Sherry and Diane LeMonds and Kim Hanley

Drone – Ed Knight

Coverage – John Kowalski

Station #1 – Helmet Check – Peace Health

Station #2 – Bike Safety Check – Kevin Knorr, Braden Nicholson, Troy Brighbill

Station #3 – Small Pump Track (Timed) – Vincent Deluchio and Ben Milstein

Station #4 – Big Pump Track – Randy Toney and Jeanine Fallacara

Station #5 – Eastside Skinny – Lori Sills and Chris McGraw

Station #6 – Elevated Trail – Tim McCormick, Nic Khajavei, Darryl Kent, Sue Grandjean, Nancy Stone, and Suzie Griffin

Station #7 – Paved Path Ride – Herb Tai, Ben Tai, Carter Hanley, Sascha Knight

Station #8 – Easy Over – Tana Gutzka and April Silva

Station #9 – Boardwalk – Jerry and Andrea de Ruyter

Station #10 – Big Climb – Dave LeMonds and Jack Berry

Station #11 – Big Descent – Jeff Lipton and Mike Patterson

Station #12 – Westside Skinny – Rob and Laurie Larsen

Station #13 – Slab Ride – Susan Martin and George Barnett

Station #14 – Log-overs – Tim and Cammia Kalimanis

Station #15 – Sprint – Chris Evenson and Tom Eilertsen



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