Climbing Championship: October 29th – ***ONE SPOT LEFT***

By this time of the year, I am usually out of gas when it comes to organizing events. For that reason, we have only had two Climbing Championships in the history of Growlers. This year, I am vowing to follow through.

The CC is pretty straight-forward. Depending on the number of participants, there are four or five climbs. Each is only about 300 to 400 feet. You ride until you put a foot down. We measure your distance for each segment. The winner is the person with the most total footage at the end of the day.

How hard could it be?

The Board of Director is in the process of determining the climbs. It’s possible there might be a few surprises.

The previous Climbing Championships were a riot. Everyone lines the course and cheers and rings cowbells. If we get rain, it will make things even crazier. Yes, we all compete as hard as we can. Just don’t forget that the main goal is to have a great time and enjoy each other’s company.

Sign-up: Looking at a 40-Rider Max – ***ONE SPOT LEFT***

  • Zane Bischoff
  • Dave Bisers
  • Travis Cothren
  • Vincent Deluchio
  • Jerry de Ruyter
  • Barry DeSemple
  • Jeanine
  • Adam Faren
  • Lizzy Fitch
  • Nathan Frechen
  • Adam Graff
  • Sue Grandjean
  • Lynn Green
  • Suzie Griffin
  • Carter Hanley
  • Andrew Holder
  • Bob Horness
  • Nic Howe
  • Michael Inbody
  • Jesse Jacobsen
  • Jon Jennings
  • Darryl Kent
  • Nic Khajavei
  • Kevin Knorr
  • Allen Legoboru
  • J. LeMonds
  • Steve Luther
  • Tim McCormick
  • Braden Nicholson
  • Wayne Nussbaum
  • Juntu Oberg
  • Shane Oberg
  • Mike Packer
  • Joel Rogauskas
  • Pete Sloniker
  • Bob Stanton
  • Kevin Templeton
  • Joe VanLeuven
  • Steve Warren

14 thoughts on “Climbing Championship: October 29th – ***ONE SPOT LEFT***”

  1. Nicolas – You might have noticed that there is no entry-fee for Growlers events. The only thing require is trail work. Let me know what you have been involved in. Doesn’t have to have been at Growlers.

  2. I’m in if you’ll give me an IOU for some trail work at Growlers this winter (and there’s still room). I’ve done trail work up north, but I’m due for some more.

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