Three-Race Cross Series at Growlers

Thanks to Nathan Frechen for putting this together. Dates are as follows. ***PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH RACES YOU ARE IN FOR (IT’S NOT ALL OR NONE) AND WHETHER YOU ARE SIGNING UP FOR THE A RACE OR THE B RACE***

  • Saturday, October 7th – Predator, Cousin Eddie, etc – start and finish will be near the farm gate/intersection
  • Sunday, October 22nd – Mr Rogers, Beauty, Belly, BAP – start and finish will be near the farm gate/intersection
  • Saturday, November 4th – Creek Trail and TFB – start and finish will be near the farm gate/intersection

From Nathan: “Jason Crago, Dave Bisers, and I were talking about how much we much enjoyed cross racing when the races were smaller, the courses were more technical, and it didn’t cost $35 to ride with 200 other people on a dumbed-down course that prized aerobic capacity far above technical skill. Our idea is to go with something that is a bit more old-school.”

There will be an A race (75 minutes) and a B race (60 minutes), self-selected. The B race will start at 10 a.m., with the A race will following immediately afterwards. Should wrap up around noon. All races will be limited to 20 riders.

Courses will be a mix of single-track and gravel roads and will be marked with ribbons . . . maybe. We’ll utilize the closer-in trails and roads, so it’s unlikely you’ll end up in PeEll.

Cross bikes are not required. Mountain bikes are fine. Bring the bike you think will be fastest – you’ll probably be wrong. Each race will be approximately an hour and include 3 to 6 laps, depending on how fast you are. Some sections will favor cross bikes; others will favor mountain bikes. Overall, technical skills will be more important than pure aerobic capacity.

Entry fee is standard Growlers pay-to-play, which means 4+ hours of trail work in the past year. If you’d like to race, but haven’t done trail work in 2017, contact Nathan about an IOU. There will be plenty of opportunities to earn your racing in the next several months at a work party somewhere, and we don’t forget IOUs.

Sign up for one or more races by emailing Jeep or by leaving a comment on this post.

Email Nathan at with your questions.

11 thoughts on “Three-Race Cross Series at Growlers”

  1. This sounds like a good training event for me. I have to say I’m down for all three, but I’ll take one race at a time. Thanks for putting this together. Darryl kent

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