New Golden Age at Growlers

I have a Fist of Five coffee cup from 2010. Former GGR Dara Muldoon made these for anyone who participated in all five events we held that year at Growlers. We had the 5K, the TDG, a time trial, a Super D, and the Climbing Championship.

Until recently, I believed that 2010 was the pinnacle of mountain biking at Growlers. 2017 changed my mind.

The events we’ve been involved with in the past year are off the chain. Think about it – we’re an informal group with no official membership, no dues, and no meetings. It’s true that we do have a Board of Director and a Sergeant at Arms. In fact, some of you might be surprised to hear that Vaughn Martin is our Sergeant at Arms. Trust me on this – you don’t want Vaughn to call you. If it was Dave, Bob, Kelley, or me and you’d done something stupid, we’d just come right out and call you an asshole. Vaughn, on the other hand, would tell you how disappointed he was in you; I assure you, it would hurt much worse.

This year we’ve had the TDG, GG5K, Four Hours of Pain, and the Climbing Championship. Abra and Sue had a mountain bike orienteering event. Nathan hosted three XC races. That’s eight events, not to mention that a lot of people with Growlers connections rode in the Scout Lake Jamboree. And while it wasn’t an event for Growlers riders, we also hosted the Bike Park Blowout.

This also might be the most active we’ve been as a trail-building group, with big hits at Coldwater and SHIFT, along with the Massacre, the Mega-Build, and numerous smaller work parties at Growlers. It seems like we have non-stop maintenance going on to keep the system in good shape.

Much of the credit goes to Ben McCormack, Nathan Frechen, Vincent Deluccio, and Jon Jennings, along with Darrell Jamieson, Shane and Juntu Oberg, Bob Horness, Andrew Holder, and many, many others. Dave and I are still nimble enough to participate in a pretty big way, but those people I mentioned have taken on a lot of responsibility, and no one had to prompt them to do it. Add to that the fact that we have a large number of passionate people who are always willing to lend a hand when a work party is announced.

Thanks to all of you for everything you do. I am proud to be a part of it.

2 thoughts on “New Golden Age at Growlers”

  1. Shane & I are very fortunate that you guys have let us hang out for this long. Glad to be a part of both Golden Era’s. Can’t wait to see where you, Dave, Vaughn and the rest of the FOG take us!

  2. I thought when I moved from the Skagit Valley where we rode Galbraith, Blanchard, Anacortes, that there wouldn’t be much riding down here. Actually, it’s much better here then up there. So glad to be part of the growlers scene!

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