Pre-Build Set for November 12th

Our pre-Mega Build day is on for Sunday, November 12th. The blue gate should be open by around November 4th so we are hoping to be able to drive in to several key spots. The goal is the same as usual – to clear as much as possible to establish the line and prep it for follow-up work at the Mega-Build.

The weather-guessers are saying a high of 50, a low of 38, with a 60 percent chance of rain. We will not cancel. Pull out your bad weather gear and prepare yourself.

This is not a ride. There is no need to bring your bike.

Meet at the gravel lot on the left about 75 yards past Four Corners at 8:30. Guessing we will be at the work sites by 9 and finished by 1 or 2. The after-party is at Porky’s in Longview – 561 Industrial Way. Kids are welcome. We would love it if you could attend.

This trail will be north of Trust Me and will parallel TM. There is the potential for even more. Anticipated length is 2.5+ miles. It will be a significant addition to the system. Crew #5 will also be working on a new line south of the Legacy tank trap.

We are looking for about 45 animals to assist with this build. Get your name on the list by leaving a message here or by contacting me at

Basics are a rake, dirt tool, and either a handsaw or long-handled loppers.

Crew #1: D. LeMonds (CS/BC), Ed Knight (BC), Nathan Frechen (BC), Bernie Grysen, Brooke Stevenson, Tyler Williams, Kris Fowler, Randy Toney (CS), Logan Toney, Greg O’Brien, Danny O’Brien, Jason Crago, Mike Sobolewski, Ben Belli, Sascha Knight, Darryl Kent, Reuben Bishop, Xander Bishop, Rylie Bishop, Robert Sanders, Mike Patterson – From the top of Trust Me in the big trees north and then down the hill. Bring a rake, a dirt tool, and a handsaw or long-handled loppers. Dave: 360.560.5071

Crew # 2 J. LeMonds (WE), Andy Crump (CS), Jeff Wize, Vincent Deluchio (WE), Nic Khajavei, Herb Tai, Ben Tai, Barry DeSemple, Daveed Fleischer, Mike Henry, Bridget Hildreth, Ben McCormack (BC), Travis Cothren, Al Cabrerra, Magesh Silva – Trust Me side of the gravel. We will start near the bottom of Trust Me – just north of the big bridge – and work up. Bring a rake, a dirt tool, and a handsaw. Jeep: 360.430.4416

Crew #3: Vaughn Martin (BC), Michael Inbody (CS), Bob Horness (WE), Jon Jennings (BC), Jeanine, Yael Zbar, Steve Luther, Dave Haas (WE), Preston Antisdel, Pete Sloniker, Wayne Nussbaum, Tana Gutzka, Tessa Krebs, Susie Griffin, Matt Smith Start from the spur road on the right side of the 300 and work down. Bob: 503.308.2278/Vaughn: 503.706.8537.

Crew #4: Andrew Holder, Thomas Fischer (CS), Braden Nicholson, Forest Wilson, Kevin Templeton, Pete Gardner, Kris Siewell, Joe Santos, Levi Weatherl, Mike Packer – Head to the entrance to Without a Paddle. Work on Andrew’s new line. Bring a rake, handsaw, and a dirt tool. Andrew: 503.753.2421

**Barry, Joe, April, Jon, Andrew available for MB**

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  1. Please add Daveed Fleischer to the list, I’m driving from East Portland if anyone needs a ride. I can pick up people along I-5 or I-205, I dunno about the westside of Portland, that’s a weird place.

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