Logistics for the Climbing Championship

Meet at the intersection/farm gate where the clearcut starts. You can park at the top of Growlers Gulch Road and ride in or drive in and park along the gravel. Be ready to roll at 8:45. If you have questions, email me or text me at 360.430.4416. Spectators are welcome. Laughs guaranteed.

  • Costumes preferred
  • Bring a noisemaker. We want to generate some sound when other riders make their attempts.
  • No e-bikes. Fixies, single-speeds, and fat bikes are fine.
  • Best-guess is that each climb will take about an hour. Plan on it being a full day.
  • The plan is for five climbs. We may reduce to four if we are running way behind.
  • We will have several people along each climb. You will be given credit for footage to the point where you put a foot down. If you fall over backwards (more likely than you think), they will estimate where your crank was when you went over.
  • You will not be DQed if you bounce off a tree. You will be DQed if you put a hand on the tree or lean against it. If there is a question of whether it is bouncing or leaning, the Board of Director will make this decision.
  • When you get to the end of each climb, get yourself and your bike off the trail. Do not walk or ride your bike back down.
  • Do you think tire pressure will be discussed on Sunday?
  • We will rotate the order so that the people at the end of the alphabet don’t always have to deal with the climb when it has been torn up. Trust me – it makes a difference.
  • One attempt per person per climb. Total footage wins.
  • After-party is at the Pastime in Castle Rock.

Vid from one of the climbs at the 20120 championship.

One thought on “Logistics for the Climbing Championship”

  1. Hey All,
    I need a ride from North Portland if anyone has room for me and my bike.
    Sue Grandjean
    send me a text 503-568-5727

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