2018 Calendar

Still working things out. These dates are tentative but I will try to solidify everything in the next week or so. For now, we go with this, so get these on your own calendar.

If you have something in mind, it’s not too late to get it on the list.

***March 4 – Bike Park Work Party: We did not have a work party at the CR park last year. Several things need to be upgraded. This will be a full-on effort.

***April 7 – Vincent’s 25K run: Vincent will be hosting a trail run on some of the lower stuff. Are you dumb enough?

***April 15 – Four Hours of Pain: It’s possible we may take advantage of the work Vincent does on the lower trails in preparation for the 25K run. Here’s your chance to open the ride season with something that will test you a bit.

***May 5-6 – Build at Sheep Canyon: Nathan Frechen has volunteered to lead a build that will put the magnificent Sheep Canyon-Loowit loop on the west side of the mountain back in play. This is snow-dependent, of course, and it’s possible we may swap dates with the 5K. The crew will be camping, although that is not a requirement. This is spectacular terrain. It has always been my dream to re-open it and publicize it. Nathan has already contacted the USFS, and they seem enthused about this project.

***May 12 – Growlers Gulch 5,000: Last year’s 5K just about killed me, in large part because Crump forced me to expand the course. Not sure what lies in store this time around, but you can rest assured that I will have 5,000 feet of gentle ascent on tap just for you. If you are serious about wanting to do big rides at the mountain during the summer, you will train for the 5K and suffer through it. This will be my thirteenth if I can finish it. Once I get to fifteen, I am done.

***May 25-26 – Scout Lake Jamboree: Bob Horness put the first one together in 2017, and he has vowed that another is on the table. Camping will be an option. The great trail network at Scout Lake continues to expand, and it is a real test.

***June 1-3 – Coldwater Build: We are working with a group of runners that holds events in the area and will determine the scope of work based on our needs and theirs. At the very least, we plan to hit the 211 and 230A. Rides available on Friday and Sunday, with the build on Saturday. Camping is available. A great family event.

***June 16 – Tour de Gulch: TDG XXI is the best party on wheels west of Castle Rock on the third Saturday in June. You would be a fool to miss it.

***August 17-19 – SHIFT: GGR partners with NWTA to host this event on the south side of St. Helens. Rides on Friday and Sunday, with a big build on Saturday. Camping available at Marble Mountain.

***September 15 – Bike Park Blowout: Everybody has a great time at this one, but it’s all about the kids. Growlers Gulch Racing annually leads the way at this celebration of the Castle Rock Bike Park.

***October TBA – Climbing Championship: With all the fun we had at the 2017 CC, it would be a shame not to do it again. This one is always a hot ticket. I will have five easy climbs lined out for you. What could go wrong?


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  1. It’s about time you put something together for us to look forward to…Thanks Jeep glad your back in the saddle!

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