Bike Park Work Party – March 4th

The scope-of-work is big. We will have three machines and three operators onsite to move dirt and materials. Bring a lunch. It’s possible we will be there a while.

One the list –

  • Repair the pump track. This will require adding dirt to the rollers and then shaping and tamping them.
  • Repair the big hill on the south side. The pavers we used to construct this run-out are tilting because the base is dredge spoils. We will be filling sandbags and moving them into place to support the pavers.
  • Improve the jump lines. They have to be shaped just right. We will be adding dirt and shaping and tamping them.
  • Repair the appearance boards on the elevated trail. One corner has bulged out, breaking the cedar fencing that was our exterior.
  • Add to the features on the west side. If the operators are able to handle all of the dirt transport, they will have some time to add to the cement features on the west side of the park.

Who’s in?

  • Benji Brightbill
  • Ethan Brightbill
  • Troy Brightbill
  • Al Cabrera
  • Vincent Deluccio
  • Jerry DeRuyter
  • Nathan Frechen
  • Suzie Griffin
  • Cameron Hanley
  • Carter Hanley
  • Becky Hillary
  • Gavin Kalimanis
  • Sam Kalimanis
  • Tim Kalimanis
  • Darryl Kent
  • Nic Khajavei
  • Kevin Knorr
  • Rob Larsen
  • Dave LeMonds
  • Jim LeMonds
  • Jeff Lipton
  • Susan Martin
  • Juntu Oberg
  • Shane Oberg
  • Ryane Olin
  • Matt Smith
  • Cade Sparks
  • Kevin Sparks
  • Nancy Stone
  • Ben Tai
  • Herb Tai
  • Kevin Templeton
  • Joe Van Leuven

6 thoughts on “Bike Park Work Party – March 4th”

  1. I would like to join in for the work party so I can get to know the group rides. It is my first time. Can someone help me figure out where we meet. thanks! I look forward to meeting you.

  2. Becky – I will assume you are coming from the Portland – Vancouver area (or somewhere south of Castle Rock). Directions are pretty simple. Take Exit 48. At the end of the ramp, take a left onto Huntington Avenue. You will go about a mile and pass a park along the river on your left. About 150 yards past the park, take a left and then immediately take another hard left onto Dike Road. Go about half a mile and you will see the bike park on the left. We are still trying to determine the start time. Probably 9 or earlier. If you have a dirt tool, bring it.

    BTW – If you ever want a tour of Growlers, send me a message at


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