Watershed – Hawg Connector

For a lot of people, having a work party with 18 people would be a big deal. At Growlers, it’s just another day.

Vincent Deluccio did a great job with reconning the connector between Watershed and Hawg that bypasses the canyon left by SP when they did the recent culvert work. We didn’t get everything done – and, yes, you shouldn’t be telling yourself that this route will be painless, but we made a damn big dent.

My hat is off to all the people who continue to step up and forego their own ride days to build the trails that everyone uses. I’m always hesitant to list names because I’m afraid I will miss someone, but here is my best shot. Thanks to Troy Brightbill, Vincent Deluccio, Michael Inbody, Nancy Stone, Ian Thompson, Clint Fitch, Lizzy Fitch, Isaac Fitch, Lethon Fitch, Lethon’s buddy Evan, Jon Jennings, Nathan Frechen, Mike Packer, Sam Johnson, Bud Braaten, Darryl Kent, and Michael Morris.

Thanks to Vincent, Troy Brightbill, and Nancy Stone for the photos.

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