Bikers Step Up to Lend a Hand

When Growlers Gulch Racing diva Denise Livingston asked local bikers to provide assistance to kids in need of helmets, the response was rapid.

Livingston, who is the intervention specialist at Cascade Middle School in Longview, has been worried about four of her students – three girls and a boy – who rely on their bikes as primary transportation. Safety has been a big issue because they don’t have helmets, so Denise asked if mountain bikers could lend a hand.

In less than 12 hours, everything was taken care of. Paul and Melanie Norris and Jeff and Dara Muldoon will be purchasing reflectors and a studly helmet for the boy. Ryan McMaster, Steve George (aka “Evil Steve”) and Aaron Althaeuser are purchasing the girls’ helmets.

Aaron Dennis even offered to work on the kids’ bikes and provide pick-up and delivery.

Big thanks to all of the above and to the many other people who offered to help. Dave thinks you guys are losers, but I love you.

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