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The Growlers Gulch Girls continue to draw crowds.

Nearly a dozen people showed for the ride on Saturday, January 24th at Growlers Gulch. 

Those who participated had nice things to say about group leaders Melanie “The Hammer” Norris, Dara “Hardball” Hartman, and Sam “The Carver” Loney, and praised their ability to get multiple newcomers to the trailhead and make sure everyone enjoyed themselves.

Those of us who have ridden with Norris, Hartman, and Loney at non-GGG events are finding it more than a little difficult to connect the trio to words like mellow and laid-back. This just proves that they have the ability to adjust their ride styles to the situation.

Hartman said that changes are in the works. “Since our group is growing, Melanie and I are discussing plans to offer more challenging rides to our advanced/intermediate riders and to continue with mellow rides for the beginners. We want to keep everyone coming back and having fun.”

If you are interested in connecting with the GGG, contact Melanie at or Dara at

Vids available at Just for Fun Ride.

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