LeMonds Begins Quest for 60 @ 60

Sher likes to say, “The more you celebrate life, the more life you have to celebrate.”

In that spirit, I’ve set a goal to ride a total of 60 miles on four trails in the Cascades in one day to celebrate my 60th birthday this summer.

The logistics of simply getting to the four trails and the physical demands of covering 60 miles of uncooperative terrain, in combination with my advanced years and beaten-down body, make this a signifcant challenge. And that doesn’t take into account the possiblity of mechanical or physical breakdowns during the ride.

But if the stars align, I think it’s doable.

The plan is still in the works, but here is the proposed ride route:

  • Ape Canyon – We’ll start in the dark with lights, climb up onto the Plains of Abraham and ride across toward Windy Ridge, stopping before the ladders and then heading back. Estimate = 15 miles
  • Blue Lake – We’ll park at Blue Lake, ride up the 237 to Huckleberry Saddle, descend the 238 to Blue Lake, ride across to Red Rock and finish with a run down to the Kalama Horse Camp where the drivers will be waiting. Estimate = 12 miles
  • Lewis River – Still trying to figure out how to proceed with this one. For now, we will start at the lower trailhead, ride up to where the trail hits the pavement, and then head back down to where we started. Estimate = 18 miles
  • Falls Creek – Top to bottom. Estimate = 15 miles

In addition to completing the ride as a personal milestone, I’d like to use this opportunity to raise money for several worthy causes, two local and one national. I will be contacting you at a later date to see if you might be interested in contributing.

Think of the benefits – This will allow you to participate in the 60 @ 60 event without suffering any physical pain!

The ride team includes Brian Mahon, John Platt, and my brother, Dave – all of whom were along on the mind-numbing, quad-shredding Boundary Trail ride in 2006 – as well as Paul Norris and John’s brother, Tom.

Melanie Norris and Vaughn Martin will handle the driving. Mike Van Hoose is organizing the support crew.

Training has started, but I could also use a little luck and some good thoughts from you. I will keep you in the loop.

8 thoughts on “LeMonds Begins Quest for 60 @ 60”

  1. What if you rode 6 miles a day for the ten days
    leading up to your b-day. It would be like the
    12 days of christmas! Just kiddin! Let me know
    if theres anything Sam or I can do to help.

  2. Maybe “60 Minutes” can send a crew out to cover the event…great idea and best of luck! Just let us know where and when to donate to the cause.

  3. I will sing a song for you, Jeep!
    “Over hill, over dale, when we hit the dusty trail…….”! If you have any energy when you get back, perhaps we can make it a duet!!!

    Good luck! Joey

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