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I realize that all of you receive requests for donations and that there are many worthy causes, so if you choose not to contribute, I won’t be offended. I have provided information about each of the organizations I am supporting. Please take a look and let me know if you are interested.

Contributions can be made by individuals and businesses. I will post the names of all contributors in thank-you ads and website stories, with direct links to businesses that provide support. Upon request, I will also provide businesses with two press releases – one to be used prior to the ride and one to be used after. I expect to receive coverage from local print publications, but the press releases could be posted on the companies’ websites.

Initially, simply let me know how much you would like to pledge to a particular organization. I will not publish the dollar amount but I will post your name, unless you request that I not do so.

Instead of requesting dollars-per-mile-ridden, I’m asking that you pledge a total for the completion of 40-59. If I fail to get to 40, I will notify you and you can decide if you still want to contribute. If I complete all 60, you can decide if you want to add a “deal-sweetener” to your initial pledge.

Once the event is over, I will send you a message, reminding you of your pledge amount and providing you with instructions for sending your payment directly to the organization. No money will come to me. All contributors will receive a tax receipt.

If you have questions, please contact me by email at lemonds@gmail.com or seattle0@hotmail.com.

If you make a pledge, I will make a promise – It will take an I-have-fallen-and-can’t-get-up situation to prevent me from completing this ride.

Friends of the Castle Rock Library: I grew up in Castle Rock. My brother and I were avid readers, but our family couldn’t afford to purchase many books. The library was a lifesaver for us. It continues to occupy a special place in my heart. I am especially passionate about this cause because the library has been forced to survive on a shoestring. Passing a maintenance levy requires a 60 percent vote, so it’s always a struggle just to keep the doors open. New book purchases are often out of reach because the budget is so limited. All donations will be used specifically for that purpose – to purchase new books.

Girls on the Run of Southwest Washington: Kids today face serious challenges. Girls on the Run of Southwest Washington is a unique organization that provides local elementary and middle school girls with a great blend of physical fitness and support for living healthy lives. The girls enroll in 12-week sessions that include meetings with coaches to discuss nutrition, peer pressure, substance abuse, and more. At the same time, they train for a culminating 5K. Donations will be used to pay enrollment fees for girls in Cowlitz County.

CurePC.org: I have two very close friends who are battling pancreatic cancer. There is no test for early detection; there is also no cure. The survival rate for pancreatic cancer is just 5 percent. Despite these facts, very little money has been designated for research. The Lustgarten Foundation formed CurePC.org to change this. All donations go directly to research.

Your Choice: While I would prefer that you donate to one of the groups listed above, you may have another worthy cause that is near and dear to your heart. If that’s the case, simply get me the name of the organization and the amount you intend to donate.

10 thoughts on “60 @ Sixty Details Here”

  1. Jeep, I will donate $50 to the “Girls on the Run” organization, also I will donate several large boxes of “first addition book” to the Castle Rock Library. The Beetman – Mike

  2. Hi Jeep- I would like to donate $50.00 to “Girls on the Run”. You rock! =)
    Rhonda Roo!

  3. Sam tries to keep me informed on what’s going on. He showed me the recent article in the paper. I would like to contribute $25 to CurePC. Good luck on your ride. Jack says he will be part of your support team. Go for 60!


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