No Worries! You Don’t Have to Pedal!

When I invited you to be a part of the 60 at Sixty ride this summer to celebrate my 60th birthday, I definitely didn’t intend to make you think you would need to come along!
Ape Canyon with drop into the Smith Creek Basin

The ride will take place in July, with the goal of completing 60 miles of single-track in the Cascades in a single day. At the very least, I could use your moral support. If you are able to do so, I would love it if you could make a contribution to one of the organizations listed below. 

I know many of you are in good shape, so I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone, but expanding the current ride group wouldn’t be a good idea for several reasons. 

First, unless you have at least intermediate mountain biking skill, the ride would be very dangerous for you. The route features big drops in places and countless opportunities for carnage. Second, we will be starting at 3 a.m. with lights and moving at the fastest pace I can maintain. We will need to hustle to have a shot at completing all four trail pieces, and I’m guessing that we will be out at least 16 hours. 

Unless you have been on a bike in this terrain, it’s difficult to comprehend what you would be facing.

Northeast side of St. Helens

The guys on the ride team are all expendable. Even their wives don’t care if they make it back. You, on the other hand, are my friends and I would like to keep it that way. Asking you to get on a bike and complete this ride is not conducive to friendship. 

Here are the organizations the money will go to. You get to choose.

  • Friends of the Castle Rock Library
  • Girls on the Run of Southwest Washington
  • (

I will provide additional information about each of these organizations and about how you can contribute. While I would prefer that you donate to one of the groups above, you will have the option of contributing to another organization that is near-and-dear to your heart if you so choose.

You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them. 

The drop on this side can give you the jelly leg

3 thoughts on “No Worries! You Don’t Have to Pedal!”

  1. THANK GOD!! Just thinking about driving you crazy people around makes me tired. Best of luck to all of you. It is quite the undertaking. I admire each of you for committing to such a feat.

  2. An awesome undertaking for a monumental milestone. I’ll absolutely contribute to a cause! Happy training and have a great ride!

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