60 @ Sixty Contributors

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Friends of the Castle Rock Library

  • Cage Aaron
  • Aaron Althaeuser
  • Becky Belangy
  • Carole Belangy-Rutledge
  • Bruce Blackstone
  • Ken Burgoyne
  • Riley Carlson
  • Gloria Church-Haley
  • Andy Crump
  • Donna DeSpain
  • Vicki Dobbins
  • Larry Downing
  • John Foges
  • Judy Fountain
  • David Freece
  • Jim Gaines
  • Andrea Gallagher
  • Anita Gallow
  • Cathy Spears-Gaul
  • Steve George
  • Bill Green
  • Andy Jansky
  • John Kotera
  • Rand and Sandy LeBaron (In memory of Floyd LeBaron)
  • Dave and Diane LeMonds
  • Kami LeMonds
  • Jeff Lipton
  • Longview Orthopedic Associates and Pacific Imaging Center
  • Longview Physical & Sports Therapy – Dave Knoeppel and Bruce Peterson
  • Sheryl Lydon
  • Mayn and Joey McDaniel
  • Skip Mezger
  • Cole Mills
  • Sandy Mitchell
  • Larry and Sally Morehead
  • Mike and Nancy Murphy
  • Juntu and Shane Oberg
  • Susan Parker
  • Tess Parker-Dahlquist
  • Anna Rynevich
  • Scott Schang
  • Fred Schmidt
  • Sue and Jim Slater
  • Bob Stanton
  • Anh Than
  • Sharon Nikolaus-Traub
  • Terri Wallace-Wolff
  • Tim Welch
  • Judy Werner
  • Hal and Shirley Williams (In memory of Floyd LeBaron)
  • Cathy and Jerry Zimmerman

Girls on the Run of Southwest Washington

  • Dianne and George Baskevitch (In memory of Leslie Miller)
  • Jack and Becky Berry (In memory of Leslie Miller)
  • Aaron Dennis
  • Mick Frey
  • Rhonda Hennessey¬†
  • Ryan Hicks
  • Kelley Hinkle
  • Laureate Beta Sorority
  • Denise Livingston
  • Eric and Sam Loney
  • Susan Martin
  • Cole Mills
  • Melanie Norris
  • Greg and Bridget Ogden¬†
  • Mike Patterson
  • Anh Than
  • Randy, Julie, Logan and Grace Toney
  • United Natural Foods, Inc.
  • Mike Van Hoose
  • Dennis Veatch and Jennifer Warren


  • Amie and Terry Alapeteri (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Butch and Jodell Allinger (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Nita Bogdan
  • Darcie Boucher and Mike Chess (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Lance and Sue Brigman
  • John Chiapetta
  • Dan Deranleau
  • Susan Dickey (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Claire Gaul
  • John Gibson
  • Bill Green
  • Heidi Griffin (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • John and Linda Hansen (In honor of Mick Spane)
  • Steve Harvey
  • Darrell Jamieson
  • Tracy Johnson (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Jeanette Kleine
  • Rob and Laurie Larsen
  • Bill and Adele Marshall (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Susan Martin
  • Vaughn Martin
  • Marge, Heather, and Molly McKay (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Bill McMahon
  • Sue Miller
  • Jeff and Dara Muldoon
  • John Moore
  • Chris Nolden (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Paul Norris
  • Kelli Pack-Gibbens (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Angel Panks (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Sue Piper
  • Andrew Plassmeyer
  • Randy Redmond (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • John and Pat Robarge
  • Jim Ross
  • Sam Ross
  • Pat Schaures
  • Tracy Schroeder (In honor of Gary Ekegren)
  • Ted and Cindy Sorensen (In honor of Mick Spane)
  • Anh Than
  • Angie Michaels Wells (In honor of Gary Ekegren)


  • Kenny and Linda Campbell (In memory of Floyd LeBaron)

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

  • Edgewater-Milton Kiwanis (In honor of Mick Spane)
  • Al and Dorothy Spane
  • Mick and Sandy Spane
  • Bill Watkins

One Ummah Foundation

  • The John Mughal family is paying to have a well dug in Sing province, Pakistan, to supply clean water to a rural community. The well will be dedicated to Jim LeMonds.


Total Dollars Pledged to Date: $10,160

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  1. Jeep you guys should send a mail to chris/jack at the fort and see about getting some beer donated. They are always in for a good cause so give it a whack. Plus right now they have an overabundence of stout floating around..

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