Cowlitz County Tourism Website Now Up

WriteTek Northwest has completed a comprehensive overhaul of the Cowlitz County Tourism Bureau’s Mount St. Helens website. The new site, which went live in October, is expected to receive more than 100,000 visits per year.

“When we decided that our website needed a major overhaul, Jim LeMonds at WriteTek Northwest helped us redesign the site structure and assisted us with the content we needed to suit the new look and feel,” said Cowlitz County Tourism Bureau Director Mark Plotkin. “We are extremely happy with the services Jim provided.” The site can be accessed at

Work included an initial assessment of website structure and recommendations for eliminating, adding, and adjusting specific pages. Editing of existing pages and creation of new content followed, along with recommendations for photo and video enhancement.

A related project included development of a mountain biking page (, with ride descriptions of the Siouxon, Lewis River, Falls Creek, and Ape Canyon trails, with a slideshow highlighting the Ape Canyon review. Webcam footage and additional photos may be added in the future.

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