Place Your Order for 2010 TDG Cups

Pacific Northwest ceramicist Dara Hartman has graciously agreed to produce a one-of-a-kind 2010 Tour de Gulch Cup.

An unfinished version of the cup – shown in the center in the photo below – will be glazed much like the ones beside it, with either white or black on the lower half and a color on the top half.

“There will be a group of bikes riding across the bumps,” Hartman said, “with Tour de Gulch 2010 trailing behind. The smaller circles will have TDG pressed in, as shown in the detail photos.”

Cost is $20. 

Dara is an intelligent woman, and she knows most of you slackers. This means it is unlikely she will take your check. Bring cash.

This is a rare opportunity for losers like yourselves. Even if it’s an illusion, this is your chance to create the impression that you have at least the tiniest bit of class. Don’t pass it up.

Place orders by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post. Advance orders are appreciated.

More about Dara Hartman.

27 thoughts on “Place Your Order for 2010 TDG Cups”

  1. Ok don’t bother Dara with emails or calls this week, looks like she’ll be pretty busy 🙂

  2. Thanks everyone!!! I’m working like mad to get these done. I’m hoping to have 15 cups completed in time for the TDG and anything after that will have to be delivered the following weekend. Thanks again!

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