The Doctor Wants His Cup

Chalk it up to ‘roid rage if you like, but that’s not the reason Lance Brigman is in a foul mood. Somebody has his TDG cup.

Of the 30+ cups created by PNW ceramic wizard Dara Hartman, all but two were light green. Lance and Mike Van Hoose ordered custom dark green. Somehow, the Doctor’s cup was inadverently given to someone else.

Now he wants it back.

Lance says that he is willing to chalk it up to bad karma if the cup is returned unharmed within the next week. If not, he has vowed that this deed will not go unpunished.

Do you really want to spend the next few years of your biking life climbing the Ridge Trail, Bitter Bitch, or Creation with the Doctor biting your rear tire, with you wheezing for breath and barely clinging to life while Brigman hums to himself.

If you have the cup, contact me ASAP. I will trade it out for a light green one. Lance will never know you had it.

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