World Masters Update

As you now, Eric Loney is in Brazil this week, using the World Masters as a tune-up for the Growlers Gulch Super D.

Eric did some early practice runs with the locals on Tuesday and Wednesday. One of them said a time of 2:30 would be “fast.” Eric has already rung up a 2:27 and that was with one minor error.

Practice continues Thursday and Friday, with the finals on Saturday afternoon.

Vid below shows the course.

Kevin Knorr is trying to stay on top of things in the event that a website puts up Eric’s run. If anyone stumbles across info, please let me know ASAP.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the following:

Best page I’ve seen so far for general info about the event is at Ride Monkey 

Another good one is (You need to click the English link at top right). They already have a day one report on vid. I am hoping this will be an ongoing update.

Globo is the ESPN of Brazil and will have the championships playing on their TV station Zona Do Impacto. Hopefully, will post the episode online after the race.

An unofficial UCI site is at Video footage may or may not be available.

The official Brazilian Masters World Championship race site is may or may not post coverage. and might have some short clips as well.

If we find anything, Kevin will forward a program that does language translations.

3 thoughts on “World Masters Update”

  1. Looks like there are a few large boulders to navigate…glad it’ll be Eric and not Dave! Good luck man, you’re ready.


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