Loney Second at Worlds!

Eric Loney of Project 529 and Growlers Gulch Racing took the silver medal in 40-44 at the World Masters Downhill Championships in Brazil on September 12.

“I had two small mistakes that might have made the difference,” Loney said. “As hard as it is to wrap my head around missing the gold by such a small margin, I’m still happy to come home with a silver medal.”

Loney was just .12 off the pace of the top finisher, Dean Davies from Australia. A check of the results below reveals that Davies and Loney were well in front of all the other contenders.  

1 Dean Davies (Australia) 0:02:26.35  
2 Eric Loney (United States Of America) 0:00:00.12  
3 Stephane Routin (France) 0:00:06.60  
4 Marcos Lira (Brazil) 0:00:09.49  
5 Miguel Caldas Giovannini (Brazil) 0:00:10.34  
6 Caio Salerno (Brazil) 0:00:13.35  
7 Enrico Carlassara (Italy) 0:00:13.99  
8 Elias Dos Santos Souza (Brazil) 0:00:16.11  
9 Francisco Correa (Brazil) 0:00:17.15  
10 German Andres Garcia (Argentina) 0:00:17.23  

13 thoughts on “Loney Second at Worlds!”

  1. Eric, An amazing accomplishment with great success. I’m so happy for you, your wife, and all those who helped you get to this level. My 7 year daughter, Paige, said “you know a famous bike rider?” Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.

  2. Nicely done! I guess there’s not much of a point in betting on the winner of the Super-D now….. Congrats man, great job!

  3. Great job Eric. To see how close .12 sec is, try starting/stopping a stopwatch as fast as you can and see if you can do it faster than that.

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