Climbing Championship on Tap for October 16th

The Growlers Gulch Climbing Championship – our most hilarious and spectator-friendly event – is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th. This is the final stop on the 2010 ride circuit, so don’t miss it.

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Here’s how the game is played. The Board of Director selects five short, nasty climbs. These will be kept under wraps to keep the cheaters from gaining an unfair advantage. The entire group will move from one venue to the next. Riders get one shot at each climb, with total footage recorded along the way.

Five gradual inclines. Approximately 1,500 feet of gentle ascent. How hard can it be? You can probably ride your Huffy and use only your big chainring.

The 2009 Climbing Championship took place in a monsoon and earned legendary status. Bring your camera and your cowbell. We are praying for rain. The complete story from the ’09 event is at See the vid below and you will understand why the Board of Director has instituted a no-hopping rule for 2010. Get a life, Cage Aaron.

After the 5K, Tour de Gulch, Ride ’em All, and Super D, eight riders remain in contention for Fist of Five recognition – Marcus Faber, Rob Larsen, D. LeMonds, J. LeMonds, Denise Livingston, Ryan McMaster, Randy Toney, and Mike Van Hoose – and need only to show for the Climbing Championship to qualify.

25 thoughts on “Climbing Championship on Tap for October 16th”

  1. Count me in. But there’s something fishy about “The Board of Director” knowing the only climbs and living 2 minutes away from the trails. Hmmmmm…..

  2. shane and i are in….so i will be happy to take the last place crown…although vaughn, i believe this would the case anyway if you were participating 😉

  3. So what is the official rule for what a hop is? Not that I can hop anyway. But if I could hop I would hop so knowing what the official hopping rule is would help me know if I’m hopping or not hopping.
    Count me in.

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