Climbing Championship – All Details Here

Basic info

  • Be at the intersection between 9:00 and 9:15. First climb is on the east end of Carnage, which is not far away and easy to get to. First rider goes out at 9:30.
  • Climbs in this order: Carnage, Upper KMA, Lung Buster, Ridge, 465.
  • It’s hunting season. Make sure your costume includes bright colors.
  • You get one shot at each climb. Front of your front wheel is your mark. Your footage will be recorded and totaled.
  • Do NOT ride down any of the climbs. Either find an alternate way to the start line or walk your bike alongside the trail.
  • No hopping.
  • It’s okay to bounce off a tree but you can’t grab one.
  • Bring a party attitude. Cowbells, costumes, airhorns, kids, and spectators all welcome.
  • If you need a boost, take a minute to watch the ’09 vid again at
  • We currently have 33 people signed up. We will rotate the order for each climb.
  • Check the list at If you aren’t on it and plan to attend, let me know. Likewise, if you have a friend who would like to be included.
  • I need several people to bring tape measures (15 feet will do it) and assist with measuring. We can trade off with this and with recording the distances.
  • The last climb is at 465. Plenty of time to laugh and tell stories after the event. If anyone wants to order pizza, we can pool our funds and get take-out from Papa Pete’s in CR.
  • Anything not covered in the rules above is subject to onsite judgment by the Board of Director.

3 thoughts on “Climbing Championship – All Details Here”

  1. I believe the board of directors have lost their way. No hopping? Last years display of talent by Cage was awsome. If you have the skills, use them. What’s next, no catching air on the downhill? Sorry Jeep, just the humble opinion of an broke down ex-rider.

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