Fist of Five Recipients Recognized

Seven members of Growlers Gulch Racing have been awarded Fist of Five status for 2010.

Designed by Dara Hartman

Rob Larsen, Randy Toney, Mike Van Hoose, Denise Livingston, Marcus Faber, D. LeMonds, and J. LeMonds participated in all five GGR events, including the 5K, Ride ’em All, Tour de Gulch, Super D, and Climbing Championship.

Each Fist of Five recipient received a special cup, designed and fired by Pacific Northwest ceramic goddess Dara Hartman.

The Board of Directors is already taking a look at the 2011 ride schedule and is considering shelving the Ride ’em All and reinstituting the TT.

Randy Toney: “This was another great year of good times with friends at Growlers. For me, the most memorable event was the 5K. I worked my ass off this spring to get into the best shape I’ve been in probably the last 10 years. I hit the gym four days a week, had to replace the bearings in the fly-wheel on my spin bike from using it so much to increase endurance, and messed with different tire combos to put forward my best effort. In the end it didn’t matter, I still got my ass kicked by the GGG.”

Mike Van Hoose: “There are only two reason I show up to events other than the Tour de Gulch. The first is that I don’t have a life. The second is that I don’t want to take any shit from ol’ three-tire Dave LeMonds.”

Denise Livingston: “The 5K was my favorite event, with the Ride ’em All a close second. I may have done some cursing, but it felt great to finish such good tests of endurance. The pain was all worth it for the cup!”

D. LeMonds: “All the Growler events are a good time. Lots of great people. All extremely competitive, especially the GGGs.  With exception of the Tour de Gulch, most are painful reminders of my AARP-level age and lack of dedicated time in the gym.  This year, my favorite events were the Climbing Championship and the Super D. It’s pretty cool having friends and fellow riders along the course shouting words of encouragement. (Well, most of them are words of encouragement)  At the end of the day, regardless of the event, there is a sense of camaraderie that sets the Growlers Gulch crew apart from most other ride groups. Not to mention the fact that the Post-Ride Pub at 465 Pub has the best micros in Cowlitz County.”

Rob Larsen: “I think all the events have their own merit. The Super D was fun for the speed and spectator appeal. The climbing event was fun for spectators, and there were really a lot of people in the mix. It took skill and consistency. Just one bad climb really messed you up. The Tour is always great. You get to show off your favorite trails and there is good fellowship afterwards. The 5,000 and Ride’em All are great endurance events, with lots of training leading up to them.”

Marcus Faber: “I still can’t believe I was able to finish all five of the Growlers rides. Although the 5K was probably my least favorite event, knowing it was approaching was a great motivator to get myself into good enough shape to finish the ride and build for the rest of the season. The best event of the year for me would have to be the Super D; it was 22 minutes of pure awesome that I didn’t want to end.”

J. LeMonds: “This year’s events at Growlers – especially the 5K and Ride ’em All – really fit well with my training for the 60 ride, so that was very helpful. I like the fact that our events give people a wide range of challenges. I think they’ve lifted everybody’s skill and endurance levels. Even the elderly enjoy a little friendly competition now and then, not to mention the fact that it’s just fun to get people together.”

2 thoughts on “Fist of Five Recipients Recognized”

  1. Yes lots of fun this year. I really enjoy camaraderie and training with everyone getting ready for the 5k. Also I need to complete the Fist of Five next year to get one of those cool mugs. Looking forward to building new trails this year.

  2. Hope I’ll be able to make all the events for 2011. If they are even half as fun as the climbing competition it’ll be time well spent. Grats to all of the Fist of Five recipients!

    Hope to see you all out on the trails!

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