Bustin’ in the New Line

It was snowing on Sunday but Lance, Ryan, Keith and I decided to head up and check out the new line. Hey, somebody had to step up. The gate is probably going to be closed soon, so this was a rare opportunity to drive to the top and dive in.

We rode it both ways. The planned route starts at the north end of the alder spur road, which begins directly across from the top of the 313. You’ll see the yellow and white ribbon on the left that mark the exit about 100 yards in. The actual start point is another 150 yards beyond that.

We started the second lap at the exit point and rode up Al and Eric’s DH line. There was one steep spot in the middle but everything else was marginally doable. We should be able to build a switchback route that will give us a shot at climbing the toughest section and allow us to ride it both ways. 

Will it shock you to learn that there is going to be climbing involved no matter which way you go?

The good news is that there are virtually no derailleur busters in the line although things are going to be raw for a while. It’s pretty typical of Growlers – climbing, tight corners, overs, technical challenges, and grinding. The view on decent days is going to be be mind-blowing.

Al Hansen, Eric Shew, and Nick Little also went up for test rides this weekend and came back with positive reports about the line.

We will be leaving tools up there in at least two places. If you want to lend a hand – whether this means building berms, doing some benching, continuing the clearing of vegetation – let me know and I will give you directions to the tools.

In the meantime, I’d really like to know the distance and elevation gain. I’m talking about the mileage from the tank trap at the start of the alder spur road, the entire route and then finishing back at the tank trap. I’d like to know the elevation gain from the tank trap to the trees at the top. If you are equipped to handle this, please send me the info.

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  1. Yeah the trails up there are going to be sweet! Nick little and I hit the big cedar stump jump & with speed its SO smooth. Don’t be scared. My little xc kona did just fine over it. Great .to see so many of you out. Chili was awesome too!

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