Adopt-a-Trail Assignments for 2012

We started Adopt-a-Trail in 2010 when we realized that the system at Growlers Gulch was becoming too large for a handful of people to maintain. We have been adding three miles per year, which means the maintenance load keeps growing along with the single-track we have available.

The program has been a big success, not only in terms of maintenace but also because people have stepped up and added new features on their trails. If you need proof of this, take a look at what Greg Ogden, John Kowalski, Ryan McMaster, and Ryane and Miles Olin accomplished on WTF and Vortex last year.

Being involved isn’t intended to be overwhelming. We’d like you to check your trails now and then, make sure the small stuff is sawed out and limbs are picked up. If leaves are a problem, bring your rake. Feel free to add berms but please contact the Board of Director if you are thinking about removing existing features. Not everyone likes overs, but they are there for a reason – they discourage horse and motorized traffic.

If something on one of your trails requires a chainsaw or a larger crew, contact me and I will try to get it taken care of.

  • Berry, Jack – Big Wow
  • Brady, Mike – Terminator
  • Brigman, Lance – Canoe
  • Carlson, Erik and Sara – Trail of Tears and Shooter
  • Chilton, Ryan – Secret Garden
  • Crump, Andy – Frosty Balls and Walk in the Park
  • Eades, Trevor – Miracle Mile
  • Gianella, Keith – Predator and Mr. T
  • Gibson, John and Owen – Beauty and Belly
  • GGG – Legacy (The GGG will spearhead this effort but this is an all-hands-on-deck situation) and Jeff Peterson
  • Gutzka, Tana – Plan B
  • Hicks, Ryan and Todd Schierscher – Carnage, Piece, Pound, and Cooley’s West
  • Juntunen, Bob – Creation and Jeep Trail out of the Creek Trail system
  • Klug Family – Cousin Eddie
  • Larsen, Rob and Laurie – A, B, C
  • LeMonds, D. – Ace of Spades and JLS
  • LeMonds, J. – Cooley’s North, Beaver Pond and Mr. Rogers
  • Lipton, Jeff and Mike Patterson – Alley Oop and all Road Trails
  • Livingston, Denise, Muldoons, and Joshua and Hillary Hutchens – Little Sister and Jekyll
  • Loney, Eric – Slalom and Donkey Punch
  • McMaster, Ryan – Upper and Lower KMAs
  • Norris, Paul and Mel – Hawg and PMS
  • Oberg, Juntu and Shane – WTF and Vortex
  • Ogden, Greg, John Kowalski, and Miles Olin and Ryane Olin – A-Bomb
  • Reed, Steve and Jon Van Natta – Creek Trail
  • Thorstenson, Brad – New Guy
  • Toney, Randy – Rush and Lung Buster
  • Van Hoose, Mike – Double Down and JFK
  • Webb, Dave – Bitter Bitch 

10 thoughts on “Adopt-a-Trail Assignments for 2012”

  1. I will help but I dont know my way around. I ride at Stella, but would to ride GG in the furture.

  2. I’d be glad to take a trail if there are any left or team up with someone…I’ll have to have someone show me how to find it and connections to other trails if I haven’t been on it yet.

  3. I am willing and able. Plus my attempt at A-bomb last weekend was mostly unfruitful. Count me in where it fits.

  4. I will adopt a trail or work with someone. Not sure how this works but I am certainly more interested in the trails I ride regularly. Just let me know. Thanks.

  5. My family would like to help out. If available we ( my family, daughter 8 son 10, my wife, and I) would like to Adopt Cousin Eddie. It is a trail that my family can ride most of and they would love to help out. Most of the lower trails we could do but this is my families 1st year in mtn biking.



  6. One thing I expect is that she’s gonna need some love after this current round of weather. I’ll get out next week as soon as I can. I’ve got a race this weekend so I’ll be tied up with that for now.

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