First Ride for GGR Loaners

The Bikes for Beginners fleet has seen its first action!

Dara Muldoon and Eric Albers brought out a large group for a ride at Growlers on Monday, February 21st. The 19-person crew included 11 kids.

Several did not have bikes and borrowed rides from the GGR fleet, including the Giant Rainier (from Shane Oberg), the Kona Kula (from Erik Carlson), the Kona Cindercone (from Ann Spencer) and the Jamis Dakar (from Andy Plassmeyer).

The kids may be beginners, but many are cross-country runners. Based on Dara’s report, they will be very dangerous, very soon.

“Everyone made it up Power Line Hill with ease,” she said. “Then we dropped into Predator and rolled over to Beauty and Belly. We cruised to the top of Beauty where the kids rolled the log-over with no problem. Next, we did a lap on Belly.”

After that, the kids did a time trial exercise that included riding three laps on Beauty at max speed.

“Everyone had a great time and raved about our wonderful trail system,” Dara said. “Big thanks from the kids, Eric, and me for the donated bikes. They rode flawlessly.”

VINDICATION – The Board of Director has received unjustified flack for installing the benign roller at the top of Beauty. Several people commented that this feature was narrow, dangerous and extreme. Did you notice how the kids handled it their first time out? Man-up, slackers!

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