Siouxon Ride Report

A group from Growlers Gulch Racing ventured out to test the single-track at Siouxon Creek this past Sunday. The crew included Jeff and Dara Muldon, Sara Carlson, Ksenia Mueller, Denise Livingston, Wynne Lobel, and Ryan McMaster.

“The tread was in great shape,” Dara said. “There was a few of inches of snow on the drive out to the parking lot at the end of the road. From there we climbed back up the road three miles in the snow to the start of the trail.

“The upper part of the trail was covered with a crunchy layer of packed snow but surprisingly had a lot of traction, allowing us to carry speed through that incredible downhill section. Once we were under the canopy there was very little snow and the trail surface was excellent. The water was raging through the waterfalls and the scenery was spectacular.”

No carnage, other than Trait being attacked by a large Akita. Trait endured several bites but the Akita suffered blood loss.

Ksenia Mueller
Denise Livingston
Ksenia Mueller (left) and Dara Muldoon


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