GGR Bids Farewell to Al and Tonya

We hope it’s only temporary and that one day they will return to the fold, but for now we’re all saddened by the news that Al Hansen and Tonya Breedlove will be leaving for sunny Florida next week.

Tonya – who is a human resources partner for United Natural Foods Inc. – has received a mega-promotion and will be training UNFI managers in the Southeast. Al has vowed to use the move to hone his BMX and surfing skills.

Not only are Al and Tonya great people, they are also great mountain bikers.

Tonya picked up her first win in a race last year at Soaring Eagle. She completed the Growlers Gulch 5K and then came out of nowhere to place second at the Climbing Championships (Line up and tell me how many of you slackers have cleaned that left-hand switchback on Lung Buster on the first try).

Yes, it’s impressive that Al won the 2009 Pacific Northwest DH Cat 1 title (19-29). What’s even more impressive is that he is the only three-time winner on the Growlers Gulch ride circuit.

Al won the 2009 Time Trial, the 2010 Super D and the 2010 Climbing Championships. He was also second at the ’08 Super D and the ’09 5K.

Soak up the sunshine, guys, but don’t forget to stay in touch. We will miss you.

6 thoughts on “GGR Bids Farewell to Al and Tonya”

  1. My wife’s cousin just moved to Florida. They said they had gotten a place in the highlands. When I asked what the elevation was they replied 150 ft.
    I have seen some video of single track in Florida, a completely different ridding experience.
    Good luck in your next adventure.

  2. I’m gonna miss their smilin’ faces. Wish we all coulda ridden more together, it my loss. What part of Floriday?

  3. Congrats Tonya! We will definitely miss you both, maybe you two can show up from time to time for guest appearances at the GG events. Maybe we should look into retiring Al’s jersey? Just a though… Good Luck, watch out for swamp critters.

  4. Your departure is our loss. You’re both cool people and some of the best riders at Growlers. See you again when you visit or get tired of the sunshine state.

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