St. Helens Vid Offers Cure for the Blues

Next week, I will be doing a 60 @ Sixty presentation for my peers (Castle Rock senior citizens). Clearly, they are desperate for speakers.

I decided to put together a slideshow that is more comprehensive that the one I published in July, which was about five minutes.

My new laptop has a very robust version of Moviemaker; I was shocked to find that it is able to accommodate much more than previous versions, much more even that my CyberDirector software. Also, YouTube is now much more user-friendly when it comes to uploading larger files.

So . . . I was able to add half-dozen new clips – most shot by Jeff Muldoon. I was also able to expand the phenomenal footage on the east side of St. Helens. Those clips – located at 1:15 and 4:27 – are about 2:30 each. Both were shot with my GoPro and are as good as any I’ve seen.

If you’re a little down about the darkness, snow and slop, this might just save you a trip to the therapist. Great music – at least until YouTube decides I have committed copyright infringement – so turn it up and treat yourself to 12 minutes of summer paradise.

I have an RPG cord, which means I can connect my laptop to the 47″ television. It’s remarkable how much more vivid things are when you do that.

If any of you are interested in getting raw footage, let me know. I can burn CDs with the flattened version if you would like one, but if you want to put something of your own together and use some of these shots, I think I can make that work also.

2 thoughts on “St. Helens Vid Offers Cure for the Blues”

  1. Very cool video Jim. It puts you up on the mountain and in the saddle. Although crossing that cliff above Ape Canyon scares the hell out of me, even doing it vicariously.

  2. Great stuff, Jeep. Wish I coulda been there with you. So… 61 @ sixty-one? Count me in. –Davey Sprockett

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