3 thoughts on “Exclusive Brigman Party Video”

  1. Overseas correspondant demands printed corections from some Board of Director wannabe. Oh, oh, Director. To be a journalist or pappparazi, you must make sure you’ve got the proof of the facts! First and foremost it was noticed by this correspondant that the “director” placed the doctor on an incorrect island. The doctor was, in fact, on the island of Kaui. It was also noticed immediately that the tacky blog garish music was in no way as beautiful and seductive as the Hawaiian music at the luau. To make things worse, it is noticed that many photos on the blog were of slimey, famous “people with problems”, and those photos outnumbered those of the doctor. It should also be noted that the morning after the luau, the doctor was given compliments in the lobby of the Kaui Grand Hyatt Spa & Hotel lobby. It seems that these errors must be corrected by that director-tatoo-guy

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