Mel Norris Plans 40th Birthday Epic

Yes, her birthday has passed, but that will not prevent Melanie Norris from continuing the celebration throughout much of 2011.

The GGG co-founder has set her sights on an epic ride that will include Smith Creek and Falls Creek. Total mileage is estimated at 43 miles, with approximately 4,000 to 5,000 feet of ascent. She is aiming for Saturday, September 3rd and invites people to start training now so that they can join her.

Melanie Norris

This will be more than a personal accomplishment for Mel. Jeff Alexander and Warren Martin – the fathers of GGR members Shawn Alexander and Susan Martin – are battling cancer. Mel will be dedicating the ride to them and to all those whose lives have been affected by this disease.

She is asking all participants to make a donation in lieu of an entry fee. In addition, she would love it if those people who don’t join her on September 3rd would also contribute.

All donations will go the the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Their Donate Now tab makes it easy to contribute online.

Please keep me in the loop about all donations so that we can make sure everyone is recognized and chart the total.

Mel’s training will include the 206-mile STP road ride, which she plans to complete in a single day in July.

Smith Creek is a rugged 26-mile loop that includes stout climbs to the top of Ape Canyon to start and out of the Smith Creek Basin to finish. There are also plenty of technical challenges, including a four-mile descent into the Smith Creek Basin that is often referred to as “surfing the pum.” 

It’s not a problem. You just need to maintain control while dropping 2,000 feet in four miles, all while riding in three to six inches of loose pumice.

Falls Creek is a 17.1-mile ride with a six-mile ascent at the start, uncountable rock gardens in the middle and a screaming descent to finish.

If you don’t think you’re up for the entire ride but would like to join the ride team for one of the legs, that will work as well.

Here’s your chance to support Mel and get involved in a good cause. Let me know who is in!

The Ride Team

  1. D. LeMonds
  2. J. LeMonds
  3. Denise Livingston
  4. Ryan McMaster
  5. Dara Muldoon
  6. Jeff Muldoon
  7. Juntu Oberg
  8. Mike Van Hoose

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