Bike Park Update

There have been a few hiccups, but we continue to make progress.

Dirt: One of the biggest victories was securing a dirt source and the necessary trucking. We had anticipated this as a $5,000 to $10,000 expense if we’d been unable to get this donated, so this was huge.

Cyclo-cross: We are very optimistic that a cyclo-cross track on the west side near the fairgrounds will be included in our project. Guy Smith has taken the lead and is working with big dogs in the cyclo-cross world to ensure that we have a first-class facility.

Design: I keep promising but still haven’t gotten the designs for the beginner and intermediate pump tracks posted yet. Randy Toney and Kevin Knorr did a phenomenal job with these, as well as the incredible advanced track that we will be keeping under wraps. You may recall that the original plan was for two tracks; Randy and Kevin were so efficient that they were able to add one more.

Drainage: This one is complicated. Ryane Olin has spent a ton of time working on this and is making progress. We have the east side of the site pretty much planned out. It’s the west side, which slopes toward the river, that is more complex. Ryane will be meeting with CR Public Works Director Dave Vorse and others to see if they can come up with an acceptable plan.

Funding: You probably know where I’m going with this. We will almost certainly need your help. We are working hard to get donations and to minimize costs, but there is no way to avoid some out-of-pocket expenses. We will need to pay operators for diesel when we do the build. We also need to pay for a sign that acknowledges contributors. But the big expense is going to be related to pipe, catch basins, etc. to properly drain the site. We are estimating this at $2,500. Paul has agreed to head up our funding effort. If you know of any companies or organizations that might be interested in donating, please let us know. And don’t be shocked if we eventually request small donations from our regular crew. Unless we find a big donor, it’s going to take a village.

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  1. My wife works for Ferguson in Longview. They are a plumbing supplies wholesaler. If you had a list of the materials needed for the drainage project she could save you a lot of money over Home Depot or Lowes.

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