Locals Race at Sandy Ridge

Several local riders competed in the Spring Super D at Sandy Ridge on March 27. This OBRA-sanctioned event is one stage in the Sandy Ridge Super D Series.

“It was rainy, cold, miserable and a total mud-fest,” said Thomas Mueller of Growlers Gulch Racing, “but the course was a blast.”

Darrell Jamieson (19:48) and Monte Price (20:17) were 6th and 7th in Cat 1 40+. Michael Keep was first in 17:42. 

In Cat 2 19-39, Ryan Hicks had a great run (18:56) to place 5th. Thomas Mueller (20:37) finished 13th, Jeff Edgell (21:17) 15th and Jeff Muldoon 16th (21:23). Wade Stiedieck led the way with 18:15.

Ryane Olin (21:44) was 5th in Cat 3 Open. Chris Ware set the pace with a 19:33.

Brant Ness (16:06) had the best time of the day and won the pro division, while Abby Watson was the fastest woman with a 21:44.

Check this vid of the course:

2 thoughts on “Locals Race at Sandy Ridge”

  1. I can assure you that Thomas’s assessment is accurate, and that the video was not shot on Sunday. It was fun seeing some familiar faces out last weekend. Hopefully, we’ll see you guys next Sunday as well. I also read that women and juniors race for free next weekend, so let’s go GGG!

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