Mount Hood Epic Set for September 17th

From Ted Dodd

Its official…  The Forest Service has approved the 4th annual Mt Hood Epic for 9/17/11. 

What is different:

  • We can charge an entrance fee for the event (last year it was free because we didn’t have the “proper” paperwork)
  • Having working capital allows us to:
    • hire transportation to get everyone to the top (no cars left behind at Bennett Pass to be broken into)
    • have better support, food, and other event related items
    • raise more money for local trail projects (this is a fundraiser for trail projects in the Gorge)

The 2010 event was a HUGE success.  That success was only made possible by dedicated efforts of several volunteers working together.

This is a 100% volunteer project.  No one is paid.  People choose to invest their time and energy because they love the sport and enjoy hosting a fun, successful, and safe event.  Let me know if you are one of those people who want to help.

Working together (as a team) we can promote, protect, and enhance our sport. 

Ted Dodd

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