Sign-up Underway for South Coldwater Work Party

The date has been moved to Sunday, June 26th. We will meet at the park-n-ride on the west side of Exit 49 at Castle Rock at 8:00.

Growlers Gulch Racing will be cleaning the bottom 3 to 4 miles of this unique trail. It is the only single-track access for mountain bikers on the north side of Mount St. Helens. There is only one way to keep it open and that is to maintain it every year. The USFS has made it clear that if we don’t take care of that, it will go away.

Brian Mahon will recon things in advance. You need to bring your bike, food, fluid, and tools. Rakes and shovels are needed most although loppers/nippers work best on the top section.

In typical Growlers Gulch tradition, we will hang for a while afterwards to rehydrate.

Let me know if you can make it and I will add you name to the crew list.

  • Lance Brigman
  • Erik Carlson
  • Travis Degn
  • Andrea de Ruyter
  • Jerry de Ruyter
  • Janice Forbes
  • Scott Forbes
  • Bob Horness
  • John Kowalski
  • Chris Laughlin
  • Jeff Lipton
  • Brian Mahon
  • Ryan McMaster
  • Andy Plassmeyer

14 thoughts on “Sign-up Underway for South Coldwater Work Party”

  1. Since this will be my first time, I was wondering where exactly we’re going and how far of a trail ride is it?

    My wife and I have hiked Coldwater so I was just curious about the details.

  2. …weather is looking unfavorable. Don’t wait for us at the meet spot (not that you would, I understand the “Growler’s Start Time” thing 😉 )

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