Latest Bike Park News

We are making progress. Here are the most recent accomplishments:

501(c): We nailed our 501(c) status through the North Country Recreation Association. I now can make deposits to the bike park account and will be able to write checks to pay our bills. Thanks to Castle Rock Mayor Paul Helenberg and NCRA President Joe Godhino for their help.

Fundraising: We have received $3,225 in pledges, virtually all of it from area riders. You can see a complete list of contributors by checking the Wall of Fame.

Paul Norris has been doing a lot of groundwork with businesses. He has been in touch with a number of potential donors who may be on board for a line, feature or section sponsorship. If you know of a company or organization that might be interested in donating, contact Paul at

And if you can make a donation, please do. We anticipate that we will need to raise approximately $15,000, so we still have a ways to go.

Permits & Grants: Castle Rock Public Works Director Dave Vorse submitted our Fill-and-Grade, State Environmental Policy Act, and Stormwater Construction permits last week. We anticipate about a six-week wait for approval. Huge thanks to Dave for all of his hard work in this area. Kudos, also, to Ryane Olin, Randy Toney, Chris Laughlin, Ryan McMaster, and Ryan Hicks for their contributions.

Dave Vorse not only handled our permits, he also submitted a grant application that – if approved – will go a long way toward paying for restrooms, lighting, and a paved parking area. We should find out whether we received the grant in July.

What’s Next? One of the key areas up next is dirt. We have been exploring several options but nothing is solid at this time. In a perfect world, we would not have to pay for the dirt or delivery. In a marginally-decent world, we would have to pay only for delivery. And, of course, in the world in which we often live, we would have to pay for both. If we can secure the dirt at no charge, this will mean a signficant savings.

If you have ideas about dirt sources or know of someone that might be willing to do some hauling if we pay for fuel, please contact Randy Toney at or Ryane Olin at

Our main crew from Growlers Gulch Racing will be meeting in the next few weeks to exchange information and make sure we are prepared to move forward once the permits are approved.

Remember – You have to dream it first.

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