Dara Muldoon Featured in Columbian Story

On trail, we know her as Dara Muldoon. In the art world, she is Dara Hartman, and she is establishing an excellent reputation.

Since most of us possess the class of Homer Simpson (You know who you are), it’s nice to know that at least one member of the GG ride crew is not a buffoon.

Dara was featured in the following article, which was published in the Columbian on April 23rd. She neglected to tell the reporter that she’s not sure if she is more proud of the vases she’s been producing or the fact that she is now cleaning the bridge at the top of the Big Wow on a regular basis.

B.G. artist lands commission

Last year Battle Ground ceramic artist Dara Hartman had a full booth and pieces in the sculpture garden at the Ceramic Showcase. This year she’s had to scale back her involvement to just a few items in the display gallery, but she had good reason.

One of the pieces from the Marriott collectionHartman, who teaches ceramics at Clark College in Vancouver and at the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, was commissioned by Portland contemporary fine art consultant and curator Paige Powell to create 60 pieces for the new Courtyard by Marriott-Portland City Center hotel opening in late May.

Powell was attracted to Hartman’s figurative vessels, vases which take on the shape of a torso.

“I just think it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s very feminine and sensual, yet very strong,” said Powell, noting that she bought some of 32-year-old Hartman’s vessels for herself.

Each of the vessels Hartman created for the hotel guest rooms is unique. They have different widths, interior glazes and carvings.

“I wanted each one to be a little different,” Hartman said.

She’s fairly new to Clark County’s art scene, moving here in 2006 after finishing her master’s degree in fine arts from Montana State University. This commission will provide great exposure for her work, Hartman said.

“It’s a big deal to have your work in a hotel,” she said. “I feel like I’m making a name for myself here.”

Artist and mountain biker Dara Hartman. More info available at www.darahartman.com.

Artist and mountain biker Dara Hartman

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  1. We are in the midst of a celebrity……

    Congratulations on completion of the project. Nice Vessels!!

    See you on the trail.

  2. Dara,
    Almost did not recognize you without your helmet. Geat job, beautiful work. Congrats!

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