South Coldwater Crew Steps Up

A small but staunch crew from Growlers Gulch Racing made big progress on the South Coldwater 230A Trail on Sunday, June 26th.

The group included Brian Mahon, Dave LeMonds, Jeff Lipton, Lance Brigman, Erik Carlson, Bob Horness, Ken Noble, Ryan McMaster, Chris Laughlin, and Andy Plassmeyer.

They did considerable dirt work on the lower area, and it is now in great shape. Additional dirt work was done at the top, past the first set of equipment.

A smaller crew that included LeMonds, Lipton, Carlson and Brigman encountered snow about two to three miles in but got past that and completed brush clean-up all the way to the intersection with the Lakes Trail at Tractor Junction.

Brian will be heading back up in July to do some additional nipping.

The 230A is the only access trail on the north side of Mount St. Helens that is open to mountain bikers. Once there is a bit more snowmelt, you need to consider heading up there and seeing if you can make it to St. Helens Lake. This is spectacular terrain.

Big thanks to everyone that was involved.

4 thoughts on “South Coldwater Crew Steps Up”

  1. Awesome job folks. I was there just this weekend. The section which you fixed is in great shape. The 230 trail between Lakes Tr intersection and Ridge camp is in need of lots of brushwork. There’s a few spots above Ridge camp in need of brushing as well, but not as thick. Do you have plans for more work in this section?

    Thanks very much for your dedication to my favorite trail.

  2. We won’t be able to get up there again this year, Ken. We had a dozen people up there for the work day and they put in about 60+ total hours. We have been busy working on a bike park in Castle Rock. That, in combination with maintaining 35+ miles of trail in our own system, has eaten up a lot of time.

  3. No worries, thanks Jim, your crew has been doing a lot of work and it shows. Super fun trail.

  4. Yes, kudos to the small but energetic group from Growlers Gulch for maintaining the South Coldwater trail.

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