Mel Norris Completes Mount Adams Century, Ramps Up Training

Melanie Norris completed the Mount Adams Century on Saturday, June 25th. Training partner Paul Norris was along for the ride.

Totals included 105 miles and 7,600 feet of climbing with time in the saddle at just over seven hours. “This lets me know we can tap out the 206 miles for the STP in about 15 hours without drafting,” Mel said.

Mel and Paul stopped once for two minutes at the 75-mile mark but, other than that brief break, were on their bikes throughout the entire ride.

Mel continues to ramp things up for her Labor Day ride to celebrate her 40th birthday. As you probably know, she is raising money for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. If you would like to contribute, contact her at for information.

Training totals to date – 548 miles of road riding, 48 hours on the mountain bike, 13 hours of yoga, 21 hours of Zumba, 18 hours of weight training, 15 miles of running, 5 swim sessions and 1 hour on the spin bike. 

“I still feel  like a slacker,” Mel said.

Good one. Her plan for yesterday was to ride hills during her lunch break and then hit trail in the evening.

2 thoughts on “Mel Norris Completes Mount Adams Century, Ramps Up Training”

  1. Keep it up, Mel. Very nice job for both of you.
    You guys will be riding right past our house for STP! We’ll be out there to root you on!

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